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Windows Installer

Windows Server 2012

The Automatic Windows Installer is the preferred way to download and install Deskpro on your Windows server or PC.

The installer will install and configure all of the necessary components required by Deskpro including a web server, PHP, MySQL, ElasticSearch and Redis.

You can use this configure a production helpdesk but it works equally well for testing or demoing purposes when used on any standard Windows PC.

  1. Download the Deskpro installer from
  2. Extract the ZIP and then double-click deskpro-win.exe to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. In a couple of minutes, you will have a fully functional Deskpro installation.
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First published: 20/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 30, 2017 by Paul Davies