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MySQL Backup


To back up the MySQL database, use the mysqldump tool to create a backup file.

mysqldump is a standalone tool which is usually installed automatically when you install MySQL.

The recommended mysqldump command to use is:

mysqldump --opt -Q --hex-blob -u 'your user' -p'your password' your_db_name >

(Note that there must NOT be a space between the the -p switch and your password.)

We recommend that you do this with the command line version of mysqldump, not through phpmyadmin.

Of course, you should then store the backup file on a separate server, secured from unauthorised access.


You do not need to disable the helpdesk to do this backup.


This database backup is not enough to restore your helpdesk. You must also do the file backup below. Both are required for recovery.

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First published: 21/03/2017

Last updated: Mar 21, 2017 by Colin Dunn