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Table Name Description
articles Articles and information in the knowledgebase
article_attachments Attachments to knowledgebase articles
article_comments Comments for each knowledgebase article
chat_conversations Records for each chat
chat_messages Individual messages in each chat
downloads Information about each filethat has been specified as a download
download_comments Individual comments for each download
feedback Customer suggestion records
feedback_attachments Attachments to feedback and suggestions
feedback_comments Comments for feedback and suggestions
labels_articles Labels for knowledgebase articles
labels_chat_conversations Labels for chats
labels_downloads Labels for downloads
labels_feedback Labels for feedback and suggestions
labels_news Labels for news entries
labels_organizations Labels for organizations
labels_people Labels for registered people
labels_tasks Labels for tasks
labels_tickets Labels for tickets
news News entries
news_comments Comments on news entries
organizations Organizations
people Registered people (users and agents)
people_emails Email addresses in useby registered people
tasks Tasks
task_comments Comments on tasks
tickets Tickets
tickets_logs Ticket change log entries
tickets_messages Individual messages in tickets
ticket_attachments Attachments to tickets
ticket_charges Ticket billing charges
ticket_feedback Ticket satisfaction survey data -NB not Feedback
ticket_slas SLA status records for tickets
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First published: 16/03/2017

Last updated: Mar 16, 2017 by Colin Dunn