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Portal templates

Editing Templates

Editing portal templates works along the same principles as editing email templates.

To edit the HTML of specific pages or elements, go to User Interface > Portal.

  1. Click Open template editor.


  1. Click Select a template and browse through the various templates, or use the search box to locate a specific template by name.


  1. Click on a template to open the code in the editor.


Once you have made a change to the template code, you can:

  • Save changes - to save the change you have made (you will still have a chance to preview this change in the portal editor before committing the change to your live Help Center.
  • Undo changes - to quickly undo any changes that you have made to the template if you haven't already saved the changes.
  • Close - to exit this template.
  • Reset template - to set the template back to the original default, removing all customizations.

Editing Help Center Phrases & Wording

The default text and phrases can be edited directly within the Help Center templates.

  1. Go to Admin > User Interface > Portal.
  2. Click Open template editor.
  3. Select the template where the phrase you wish to edit exists. For example, to edit the text above the contact form, select the NewTicket folder and then select the new_ticket_form.html template.
  4. Phrases appear in blue. Click on the phrase to open the phrase editor.


  1. Edit the text in whichever language(s) you wish to add custom text for. Any languages you have installed in your helpdesk will appear in this list.
  2. Click Submit to save the change. This phrase change will be visible on your Help Center immediately.





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