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Our YourTrack app allows you to create YouTrack issues from the helpdesk and link tickets with issues.

To install this app:

1) Go to Admin > Apps > Apps > Select 'YouTrack' > Install App.


2) In another window head to the Hub integration section of YouTrack in order to find the details required for installation. This will be found in settings, in the top right corner


3) In the YouTrack installation page enter the YouTrack Service ID in Hub and Hub URL into the appropriate fields - do not press Update Settings until the following steps are complete


4) In order for Deskpro and YouTrack to communicate with each other, you need to register Deskpro with YouTrack, which the following steps will cover. The first of these steps is within the Hub integration page, click the 'Hub URL'


5) Open the Administration menu in the top right and select Services under Server Settings


6) Viewing the list of services, select YouTrack in order to show the configuration of YouTrack


7) Search for the field 'Redirect URLs', and enter the Redirect URL from the YouTrack install information in Deskpro and press 'Allow Access' which will appear.


8) In Deskpro press 'Update Settings' and allow YouTrack to install.

Congratulations! You can now start linking existing YouTrack issues in tickets, or adding new YouTrack issues directly within Deskpro.

Adding YouTrack issues:

  1. After opening a ticket, locate the YouTrack app in the right hand side app panel. Press '+Create'

  2. Select the Project type out of the predefined options in YouTrack, and provide a Summary and Description of the Issue you would like to create


  1. Press 'Create issue' to create this issue in YouTrack and link this to your ticket in Deskpro

Linking Existing YouTrack issues:

  1. Navigate to the ticketing interface and open a ticket.

  2. In the collapsible app pane, click 'Find'.

  3. Search for the YouTrack issue ID or issue title and select the issue from the results list by clicking the cog in the top right of the issue and selecting 'Link Issue'


Unlinking YouTrack issues:

  1. If you wish to unlink the issue from the ticket, click on the cog icon and click 'Unlink'.
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First published: 22/10/2019

Last updated: Oct 24, 2019 by Emily Booth