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OneLogin setup

Authentication and SSO

OneLogin authentication enables your agents and/or users to sign in to your helpdesk with a OneLogin account.


If you’re using Deskpro On-Premise, you should ensure that SSL is set up on your helpdesk before installing OneLogin.

The setup process involves installing a Deskpro app within OneLogin. You can then grant the OneLogin users you manage login rights via the Deskpro app.

Note that OneLogin has different free and paid account levels. The free account gives you 3 slots to install “company apps” (ie apps made by third parties). Paid account levels provide an increased number of app slots.

To enable OneLogin authentication:

  1. Set up an account on the OneLogin website.

  2. On the OneLogin site, go to Apps > Add Apps. Search for ‘Deskpro’ and find our app:


    Note that OneLogin refers to the app as ‘Deskpro User Portal’, but you can use it to authenticate either users or agents.

  3. Click on the Deskpro app, then click Save.

  4. You will see the settings screen for the app:


    In the Configuration tab, set the Login URL:

    • if this app is to authenticate users, enter your portal URL e.g.
    • if this app is to authenticate agents, enter your agent interface URL e.g.

    Click Save.

  5. In Deskpro, go to Agents > Auth & SSO (to set up OneLogin authentication for agents) or CRM > Auth & SSO (to set up OneLogin authentication for users).

  6. Click + Add, then click the OneLogin Authentication app.

  7. You will see the app settings screen in DeskPRO. Check the Yes box to enable the app.


  8. In OneLogin, go to the Deskpro app’s SSO tab, copy the Issuer URLSAML 2.0 Endpoint and SLO Endpoint details and paste them into the corresponding fields in the Deskpro settings screen.

  9. In the same SSO tab in OneLogin, find the X.509 Certificate details and click View Details. Copy the SHA1-Fingerprint and paste it into the X.509 Certificate Fingerprint field in Deskpro.

  10. Set the SSO Method and optional Login Button Text - see Understanding SSO options for details.

  11. (Agent authentication only) Set the Auto agent option This controls which permissions are granted to agents.

  12. (User authentication only) Set the Grant usergroup option. This controls the usergroup granted to users.

  13. Click Install app, then Continue.

Make sure the OneLogin account that you’re currently logged into is added to the Deskpro app within OneLogin before you use the Test Settings button. See below.

Note that in OneLogin you can change the Deskpro app’s Display Name and select Visible on Portal: note that these settings affect how the Deskpro login option is displayed on the OneLogin site, not within any part of Deskpro.


If you want to set up OneLogin for both agents and users, you should repeat these steps, installing a different copy of the Deskpro app, and entering the settings from that app on Deskpro. Use different Display Name settings for the two apps to avoid confusion.

Managing OneLogin users

Now that you’ve linked OneLogin to your helpdesk, you can grant Deskpro login rights via OneLogin.

In the Users section of OneLogin, click on a user to view their profile, then click the Applications tab.

Click + and add them to the Deskpro app. (If you have added apps for both agents and users, make sure to add them to the correct one).


Agents you add via OneLogin will be added to the permission group specified in your Deskpro Auto Agent settings.

You must grant access to the admin and reports interfaces from the agent’s profile within Deskpro.

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First published: 24/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 27, 2017 by Paul Davies