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Helpdesk Data Importer: Kayako

Importing Data

If you have been using another helpdesk solution to manage ticketing and customer support, Deskpro comes with a Helpdesk Importer Tool to help you import data from other sources.

At the moment, these sources include Kayako On-Premise and Zendesk, but we plan on expanding these to include other popular helpdesks and ticketing systems. This is a guide for how to import data from Kayako On-Premise.

The importer app exists within Deskpro itself, and can be accessed under Admin > Apps > Importer.

The helpdesk data importer imports the following helpdesk items when migrating from Kayako On-Premise:

  • Organizations (name, website, phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses)

  • Agents (Staff)

  • Usergroups

  • Users (name, email, organization, organization position, is_disabled, phone)

  • Tickets (status, subject, person, agent, department)

  • Ticket Messages

  • Ticket (Agent) Notes

  • Knowledgebase (Categories & Articles)

  • News

How to import from Kayako On-Premise

Find the importer within Admin > Apps > Importer, and choose Kayako as the source you want to import data from, and click ‘next.’

Input the relevant helpdesk account details. These include:

Host: The host name of the sever your Kayako database is hosted on.

Port: The port number of your Kayako database. This is usually 3306 by default.

Username: The username used in your Kayako install to log into the database server.

Password: The password to access the database server.

Database name: The name of the database your Kayako data is stored in.

Once you have entered and validated your credentials by pressing ‘test,’ start the import process by pressing ‘next.’

The process will begin automatically, and you will be able to see the status and progress of the import. This also includes a list of individual helpdesk data being imported.


After the import is complete, the application will simply let you know.


After the import process is complete, you will be able to find all the helpdesk content items in Deskpro - ready for you to manage.

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First published: 14/02/2018

Last updated: Feb 14, 2018 by Benedict Sycamore