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How to: Delete Tickets

Managing and Deleting Personal Data

Manual Deletion

To manually delete a ticket or multiple tickets. Go to Tickets.

Use the filter and list panes to find the tickets you want to delete.

Click on the small grey box next to the ticket ID number of the tickets you want to delete.

This will bring up a window with ticket management options.


To delete the selected tickets, click Mark for deletion, then click the Apply button.

The ticket will be deleted and removed from the agent interface.

Automatically Delete Old Tickets

If you want to automatically delete tickets after a defined period of time has elapsed, go to Admin > Tickets > Escalations.

Let's imagine we want to set up an escalation that automatically deletes tickets that are a year old.


Click the + New Escalation button.

Enter the Title of the escalation.

Set Event to The ticket has been open for : 1 : years

Set If Criteria to Date Created : before : 1 years : ago

Set then Actions to Delete Ticket

Now click Save


The new escalation will appear in the list.

Press the grey tab button to enable it.

A new escalation will only apply to tickets that are created after you make it and after you enable it.

Bulk Deletion

If you do need to delete existing tickets in bulk, you can do it using the Deskpro API. This requires basic programming skills in any language that can send requests over HTTP. If you can't do this yourself, please contact for a quote on having us do this on your behalf.

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First published: 15/05/2018

Last updated: Jan 31, 2019 by James Godwin