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Deskpro status is used to track who needs to respond to the ticket next. The core statuses are Awaiting Agent / Awaiting User/ Resolved / Pending.

The helpdesk knows that Awaiting Agent tickets need to be brought to the attention of agents, and Resolved is for a ticket where the query has been answered.

Adding Sub-Statuses to your core status can allow you to provide more information about what should be expected from a ticket. For example you could add a sub status of Testing to Awaiting Agent, so the Agent knows what the next step is.

This can be useful if you have standard procedures for tickets that are regularly taken, but the core statuses do not cover the range that you need. Once you have the Sub-Statuses in place you will be able to offer more clarity to your agents as they progressing with a ticket and better opportunity to analyze how your agents are spending time on their tickets.

Creating a Sub Status

In order to make a new Sub-Status you will need to head Admin > Tickets > Statuses and press ‘+ Add Status’


From here you can choose Status type (as all Sub-Statuses must be have a core status that it is associated with), and the title of your new Sub-Status, and once these have been created, you will see them appear in the status selection for tickets. You will need to select a core status in order to see all Sub-Statuses associated with it, with a tick showing the current selection:


These Sub-Statuses can be manually selected by your team at any time in order to make sure the ticket is always showing the correct information for both the user and the agent, and of course these Sub-Statuses can be added automatically with triggers and other automation options.

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First published: 11/03/2019

Last updated: Mar 12, 2019 by Emily Booth