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Add Widget and Chat to your site


As well as displaying chat on your Helpcenter you can add it to your own site.

Embed code

Navigate to User Interface > Messenger Setup > Add widget and chat to your site and you'll see the embed code.

You can simply copy and paste this into your website. We recommend putting the code just before the </body> tag.

The embeded widget will pull the properties from your settings in the Messenger setup so you can amend these to change its appearence.

Other Embed Options

Show the widget on the portal: This is enabled by default and simply means Messenger will show on the Helpcenter as well as on your own site if you've embeded it. You can disable this if you'd only like it to be available through your own site.

JWT Secret

You can sign the Chat Widget with a JWT Token. Read more about this in the topic on JWT signing

Domain Whitelist

You'll need to whitelist the sites that you will use Messenger on (use commas to separate multiple sites).

If you have https enforced be sure to include the protocol as well e.g.

Overriding Widget Settings

Read this article from our Knowledgebase for details on how to override the default Messenger settings when you embed your widget

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First published: 20/07/2020

Last updated: Aug 27, 2020 by Matthew Wray