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Departments Overview


Departments are an important concept within Deskpro. They are a way to divide up the helpdesk and control access.

Departments are often used to reflect different parts of an organization: for example, you might have “Support”, “Delivery” and “Sales” departments, or “US”, “France” and “UK” Departments.

There are Ticket Departments and Chat Departments. The two types of Department are not linked; you configure Departments separately for Tickets and Chats.

The focus of this chapter is on Ticket Departments, since they are more frequently used and more powerfChat departments. These are some important properties of Ticket Departments:

  • A Ticket must always have a Department.
  • Tickets from each email account can go into a different Department, based on your Triggers for Automation - e.g. emails to help@ can go into Support department.
  • Tickets submitted on the web Portal or embeds can be linked to a different email account based on the Triggers - e.g. a ticket submitted to Support can get notifications sent from your help@ address.
  • Each Department can have different Ticket form layouts with different fields. Each Department can have different layouts separately for Users and Agents.
  • Access to Departments can be limited by Agent and User permissions.
  • You can give each Department a User-facing name; e.g. a Department that your Agents see as “Terms of Service Violations” could be shown to Users as “Moderation”.
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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 30, 2017 by Paul Davies