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Department Permissions


Go to the Permissions tab in Tickets > Departments to edit the Department Permissions for a Ticket Department.

To edit the Permissions for a Chat Department, go to Chat > Departments.

Agent department permissions

You can limit Agent access to Tickets based on Ticket Department.

This is useful if you want to ensure that different groups of Agents work on different types of Tickets.

In the Agent Permissions section of a Department’s Permissions tab, you can select which Agent Permissions and individual Agents have access to that Department.


The built-in All Non-Destructive Permissions and All Permissions groups always grant full Department access and can’t be edited. If you want to limit Department access for an Agent, you must remove them from these groups and add them to custom Permission groups.


There are two levels of Agent Permission for Departments:

  • Assign means that the Agent can assign Tickets to the Department.
  • Full access means that the Agent can view and work with Tickets in the Department as normal.

An Agent who only has assign Permission can assign a Ticket to a Department, but will not be able to view it afterwards.


Department Permissions are overridden by Ticket assignment and following. If a Ticket is assigned to an Agent or one of the Agent’s teams, or the Agent is added as a follower, the Agent can view it regardless of Department.

You can also manage these settings from Agents > Agent Permission Groups.

In the screenshot above, you will see that many of the Permissions are on and locked - you can’t remove the Permission. This happens for one of two reasons:

  • Granting full access includes assign, so if the Agent/Group has been granted full access, assign is locked on.
  • If an Agent is a member of an Agent Permission Group which already grants them a Permission, it will be locked on.

User Department Permissions

User Permissions to use Departments are set via Usergroups.

Configure this in Tickets > Departments by going to each departments Permissions tab.

This enables you to limit access to certain Departments to particular Usergroups: for example, you might want to limit Support Department access to paying customers only, but allow Sales Department access to everyone.



This Permission setting only affects creating Tickets. If a Ticket is created for a User, or Change User they will be able to see it on the Portal, get replies etc, regardless of Department Permissions; and similarly, if the User is CC’d into the Ticket, they will Receive Ticket messages.

If the user only has Permission to use one Department, the Department field is not shown at all on the contact form.

For example, suppose you have two Departments, “Support” and “Sales”.

You set the Permissions for the Groups like this:


On your Portal contact form, a user who is logged in will see this:


whereas a User who isn’t logged in will see this:


The User registration settings under CRM > Registration can interact with Department Permissions.

For example, if you grant the Everyone Usergroup Permission to create Tickets your Sales Department, but select Require Registration, Users who aren’t logged in will not see the contact form at all.

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First published: 23/03/2017

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