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Articles edit issues V4 #build 259 - Community / Bug Report - Deskpro Support


Articles edit issues V4 #build 259 Finished

The editor is broken. Lines get deleted, fonts, and format get changed when editing and saving articles! It is also corrupted my imported articles from V3.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> To replicate:<br /><br /> 1) Create a new article with 3 lines and format it BOLD or change size for example and save it .<br /><br /> 2) Open the article and save it again. ( Format of the lines will change )<br /><br /> 3) Click Edit again and Line 1 will be missing. ( Font gets smaller )<br /><br /> 4) Add another line with BIG font. Click save and it will change to small font.

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Christopher Nadeau
This has been fixed for our next build (#260).