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If your helpdesk admin has enabled Approvals you will see an Approvals tab on your tickets. In this tab, you can view any existing Approvals attached to the ticket and add an Approval.

How to add an Approval to a Ticket

You can add an Approval manually or by using a macro, more information please read Macros. To add an Approval manually follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Approvals tab & click 'Make a request'.
  2. Select the Approval you want to add from the dropdown.
  3. Add a description
  4. Click 'Submit'


It may be that the Approval Template requires you to select the Approvers from a list, in which case you will see a drop-down and a count of how many Approvers you need to select


You will only be able to add an Approval to a ticket if you have the correct permissions. If you do not see the 'Make a request' button & wish to add an Approval please contact your admin.

Keeping Track of Approvals

You can keep track on a ticket's ongoing & completed Approval in the Approval Tab. Here you can see information about the current status of an Approval and which approvers have & have not responded, by clicking in the ID number of the Approval to expand for more information.


In the scenario, you have added the wrong Approval to a ticket or a user changes their mind. You can cancel the approval request. To do this go to the ticket > Approvals tab & click the 'Cancel' Button, to remove the Approval template from the ticket.

You will only be able to cancel an Approval if you have the correct permissions, once cancelled the Approval Template cannot be reinstated. If you do not see the 'Cancel' button & need to cancel an Approval please contact your admin.

You can also create Custom Filters for specific Approvals, and group together Tickets with specific Approvals so that they are easy to view. While creating a custom filter, you can select the 'Ticket Approvals' option and save your specifications.


Once this has been saved you will see a new Ticket Approval header in the left hand panel of filters:


Responding to an Approval

If set as an Approver, then as an agent you can approve or reject an Approval directly on the ticket. To do this, go to the Approval tab on the ticket and you will see the buttons to approve or reject.


If you wish to add a message to accompany your response. Click on the Approval ID number to expand the log. Type your message into the input box next to your name, then click Approve or Reject.

The other way to respond to an approval request is using the Helpcentre. You can reach your pending Approvals by logging in & click on the Approvals button in the navigation bar. Then select an Approval from the list. Or by clicking on the vote link in the Approval email notification, which will take you directly to the Approval in the Helpcentre.


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First published: 07/11/2019

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