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Content pane

The Agent Interface

The content pane is where you work with and create individual items (tickets, user records, articles etc.).

Note that, no matter what app you have selected, a mixture of types of items can be open in the content pane. You can switch between them by clicking on the tabs.


If you have more tabs than can fit in your browser window, you can scroll with the arrows at the edge of the tab bar.


If the content of a tab changes while it’s not at the front, (for example, a new message is added to a chat conversation), its borders will flash.

You can close a tab using the small X button that appears when you mouse over it:


If you right-click on a tab (or anywhere on the tab bar), you are given more options:


As well as closing the tab, you can Close all tabs or Close all other tabs (apart from the one you right-clicked).

If you have recently closed tabs, the right-click menu will also offer you the option to reopen them:



Generally, the performance of the agent interface is not affected by the number of tabs you have open. The exception is that having many tabs with content from the Publish app (e.g. Knowledgebase articles) can cause an issue where articles don’t fully load.

Creating a new content item

Mouse over the + ADD button at the far left of the content pane, then click on the type of item you want to create.


Alternatively, you can make sure your cursor is not in a text input box and then use the following shortcut keys to do the same thing:

Shortcut Command
t Create new ticket
p Create new user (person)
o Create new organization
k Create new task
a Create new article
i Create new community topic
n Create new news post
d Create new download

Resizing the content pane

You can change the relative size of the list and content panes. Simply mouse over the top of the divider between them, click, and drag to resize.


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First published: 22/03/2017

Last updated: 10 Sep 2019 by Grace Howlett