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Keeping track of tasks


The Tasks app filter pane shows you an overview of outstanding tasks.


You can filter tasks based on assignment and due date.

My Tasks shows tasks assigned to you.

My Teams’ Tasks shows tasks assigned to any team to which you belong.

Tasks I Delegated shows any task you have delegated to another agent or team.

All Tasks shows every outstanding task that you are allowed to see:

  • all public tasks
  • any private tasks you have created or that have been delegated to you

Under each of these filters are sub filters based on due date, showing which tasks are overdue, which are due today and which are due in future.


If there is no due date set for a task, then it is always shown in the Due Today filter.

Click on any of these filters to see matching tasks in the list pane.

Task notifications

By default, you are notified when a task is assigned to you or your team, when a task you delegated is completed, and when a task that’s assigned to you is due that day. You can configure your task notifications in the Notifications area of your account preferences.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 10 Sep 2019 by Emily Booth