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download is a file you want to make available to your users. It might be a PDF manual or brochure, a software application or driver.

Each download consists of a single file, plus a rich-text description which you can create and edit as you would a Knowledgebase article.

If you use Deskpro Cloud, the file size limit is 10MB. On Deskpro On-Premise, the limit depends on your server configuration.

You can make a new download using the blue + button in the top toolbar of the Agent interface.


The New Download editor will open up in the content pane.


To select the file, you can either:

  • click Choose Files and upload a file from your computer
  • click the Hotlink an existing file link and enter a URL (web address) for the file


*   you must enter the full URL e.g. ``
*   you can optionally specify the file size to display

Once you’ve selected a file, you can use the File Name field to change the filename. You can use this to pick a name that is more meaningful to users. For example, you might have saved your download file as Gyr Manual-updated _FINAL_ davehasapproved.pdf, but a better user-facing filename would be ACME_Gyrocopter_Manual-v2.pdf.

Click Create Download to save your download. It will only be viewable by users if you set the status to Published first.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 6 Aug 2019 by Grace Howlett