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User actions


When you open a user record in the content pane, you can carry out the following actions.


Create ticket

This opens a pop-up window where you can create a ticket assigned to the user.

Merging users

If you have duplicate user records for the same person, you can combine them into one record using the merge action.

When users merge, some properties will be overwritten. For example, a user can only have one organization, so the merged user can keep the organization from only one of the originals.

You can pick which user will overwrite the other user’s properties.

The labels from both users will be applied to the new user.

  1. Click Merge.


  2. Any users whose records are currently open (or in the active filter, if you’re in the CRM app) are offered as targets for the merge.

    If the user you want is not shown, click Find and search for the user in the Merge People window that opens.


    Click the user that you want to merge.

  3. Click Switch to pick which user’s properties to keep where there is a conflict. The values shown in red will be overwritten.


  1. Click Merge these two profiles to complete the process.

Login as user

Click the Login As User button to access the user’s web portal account.

This can be useful when troubleshooting; you can see exactly what the user sees on the web portal.

Disable account

Use the Disable Account option from the More pull-down menu to temporarily disable a user account.

When the account is disabled the user’s profile image is marked with an X.


The user will not be able to log in or create tickets. They will still show up in searches and filters. You can still set them as the user for existing tickets.

Select Enable Account from the More pull-down to restore the account to normal.

Set and Reset password

Use the Set password option from the More pull-down menu to change the user’s password.


The password you enter will replace the user’s old password. The new password will be emailed to the user, so it is important that you have the right email address for them.

Alternatively you can select Reset password and this will send a reset password link to the user, and allow the user to choose their new password


Deleting users

Use the Delete User option from the More pull-down menu to permanently delete the user’s account.


Deleting a user will also delete all their tickets.

The Delete User & Ban Email option does the same thing, but also prevents the user registering again with the same email address.

Upload vCard

This option will allow you to upload a vCard, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File) to a users account.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 10 Sep 2019 by Emily Booth