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Editing Community Topics


Click on a Community Topic in the list pane to open it in the content pane.

From this view of a Community Topic, you can view and edit it in detail.


You can change the status of the Topic using the pull-down menu at the upper left. If your helpdesk has a lot of different statuses, you can type in the search box at the top to filter them.


You can also click on the Channel box to change the item’s Channel.


The Properties section enables you to apply a range of actions to the Community Topic.


Community Topic Properties

Click Edit Properties to change the Topic's Category.


You can also DeleteMark as Spam and Merge the Topic.

Merging Community Topics works like merging tickets.

Click Copy permalink to see a permanent web address for this item that will not change even if you edit the URL slug.


Click View in user interface to see the item on the User Portal, as Users would see it. Note that this shows you how the item will look on the Portal even if it is not currently being displayed to Users because it is awaiting validation. In that case, you will see a reminder.


Editing the URL slug for a Community Topic

The item’s URL slug is the text that appears at the end of the web address for the item on the Portal. By default, this is based on the User-submitted title of the Topic.

For example, if the Community Topic's title is “Leaky Valve”:

  • its URL slug will be leaky-valve
  • its address on the Portal will be something like

Putting more descriptive text in the address address can help users find your content through web search.

Click Edit Slug to change the URL text to something more descriptive.


Click Okay to save your change.

Any links to the old address will be redirected to the new address, so don’t worry that editing the slug will break any links, or stop users’ bookmarks working.

Editing Community Topic Content

The Description tab at the bottom of a Community Topic shows you the description submitted by the User.


Click the Edit button on the right to edit the description. This might be necessary to fix a formatting problem, or to remove sensitive information like passwords.

The Comments tab shows the comments on a Community Topic.


You can use the comment box here to add your own comment, which will be displayed to Users on the portal.

Click the gear icon to the upper right of an existing comment for options to:

  • Edit the comment
  • Delete the comment
  • Create a Ticket based on the comment


Comments awaiting agent approval will have a Validate link at the top left. Click it for options to Validate or Delete the comment.


Click the Revisions tab to see a list of previous versions of the Community Topic.

To see a comparison of exactly what changed between two versions:

  1. Select the two versions to compare with the checkboxes on the right.
  2. Click Compare Selected.


  1. The Comparing Revisions pop-up window opens, showing the differences.


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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 10 Sep 2019 by Grace Howlett