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Introduction to chat


The Chat app enables you to communicate with users via real-time text chat. Depending on your helpdesk configuration, users may be able to initiate a chat from the web portal or your website, or from both.

The chat button in the status bar gives you an overview of the state of the chat system. It shows the number of agents who are logged in to chat, and the number of users who are browsing your pages on your site or portal where chat is available.


Click the button to see details of the agents who are logged in to chat,

If you are not available to chat, you can log out of the chat system while remaining signed in to Deskpro. Head to Agent Preferences and unselect 'Chats'.


Note that there is a separate instant messaging system for use between agents. Logging out of user chat does not log you out of agent IM. See the section on Instant Messaging for details.

If you are logged in to chat, the button is green.


If you are not logged in, but other agents are, the button turns amber.


If no agents are logged in, the button turns red.


If no agents are logged in, users who try to chat are offered the option to email the helpdesk instead.

You can see a list of current and past chats from the Filter pane.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 21 Aug 2019 by Emily Booth