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Streamline HR management with the PeopleHR app - Nyhed / Product / Product (Admin) - Deskpro Support

aug. 7 2023

Streamline HR management with the PeopleHR app


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the PeopleHR app, a powerful integration that brings together HR management and ticketing efficiency like never before!

The PeopleHR integration allows your agents to seamlessly access and view your employees' crucial HR data right alongside ticket interactions, revolutionizing the way you handle human resources within your organization.

PeopleHR Release Notes.png

The PeopleHR app will allow you to:

1. Link employees to Deskpro Users: Your support agents won’t need to manually cross-reference tickets with employee records. With the PeopleHR integration, Deskpro will automatically search for the employee and instantly display their information in the CRM panel right next to the ticket. This ensures your team has the most up-to-date employee data at your fingertips without switching back and forth between the helpdesk and your PeopleHR account.

2. View comprehensive employee data: Access all the essential employee data directly from Deskpro. The integration allows you to effortlessly view key information about your employees, including their roles, time off requests, training, qualifications, and more—all without leaving the Deskpro interface. This unified view simplifies decision-making processes, enhances communication, and enables your agents to provide more personalized support to team members.

Install the PeopleHR and start optimizing your HR processes and deliver exceptional internal support to your employees. To install the app on your helpdesk, go to Apps & Integrations > Apps. On the Available tab, select the PeopleHR app and follow the setup menu to connect your HR account to Deskpro.

Experience the convenience and efficiency firsthand by integrating your PeopleHR with Deskpro.

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