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Deskpro Release 2022.2.2 - Nyhed / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

mar. 28 2023

Deskpro Release 2022.2.2


The following post summarizes the latest updates in the Deskpro 2022.2.2 release. The release includes a new feature to add new endpoints for referencing Snippets and a bug fix that will improve the performance of customers migrating to the latest version of Deskpro.

New Feature

✨ We have added the ability for API users to request file metadata via the files’ ID, in addition to its auth code. Now if the API presents the file ID in any response, we can look up the auth code and vice versa, providing further flexibility with our API.

Bug Fix

🐛 We have added the OAuth token refresh from Horizon into our legacy product to ensure that On-Premise customers that are using O365 accounts won’t experience disruption to their email accounts post-migration.

Here is the last Deskpro release:

Deskpro 2022.2.0

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