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Deskpro 2021.1.4 Release - Nyhed / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

apr. 21 2021

Deskpro 2021.1.4 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2021.1.4. This includes a mixture of general improvements and bug fixes.


  • DPHC-328 - Add translatable phrase for "Subject" on ticket form in Messenger widget
  • DPHC-331 - Add support for reCAPTCHA v3
  • DPHC-345 - Improve image scaling in published content in Chrome
  • DPHC-348 - Added translatable phrase for field validation related error messages
  • DPLEG-42 - Add support to remove attachments by editing Agent Notification email template

Bug Fixes:

  • DPHC-339 - Adding a translatable phrase for one language could wrongly change another language
  • DPHC-329 - Improve enforcement of “Only enable agent validation when the ticket is being resolved” custom field property
  • DPHC-341 - “Sorted By” drop down box did not automatically close off in Community
  • DPHC-327 - Upvote button disappeared in community on smaller resolution windows
  • DPHC-234 - Multiple emails being triggered when user clicks on “Resend Validation Email” multiple times
  • DPHC-242 - Smart Fields were not displaying correctly in Help Center portal
  • DPHC-349 - Ticket Approval option was not showing on the user portal side
  • DPHC-351 - User was able to submit tickets if required message is missing
  • DPHC-311 - Block Quote formatting was not appearing properly on Help Center portal side
  • DPHC-196 - Multiple CC’d emails would appear to be added in Help Center if user clicked CC continuously
  • DPHC-235 - Multiple “Thank you for your feedback” notifications appearing when user continuously clicks “Submit Feedback”
  • DPHC-237 - "Not Found" message was displaying after click multiple time on "Remove email" button
  • DPHC-245 - Guides: Long "Description" was not displaying on User portal side
  • DPHC-266 - GUI issue when entering invalid emails in CC field resolved
  • DPHC-347 - If a news post is saved as a draft and moving to publish is delayed no subscription notification was sent
  • DPHC-355 - Help Center search did not search for content which contained special characters
  • DPLEG-535 - If no user facing message exists on a ticket, user email notifications were not sent
  • DPLEG-97 - “Usergroup” criteria in trigger did not apply to users who inherited permissions via their organisation
  • DPLEG-147 - Resolved inconsistencies in “Ordered by” sorting option for tickets in the agent interface
  • DPLEG-160 - Pagination issue: Only 10 macros appear in the “Follow Up Actions” drop down box in the Agent Interface
  • DPLEG-177 - Corrected behaviour around “Can assign tickets to self” so agents can add themselves as followers
  • DPLEG-213 - Splitting a message from a ticket would cause the new ticket to inherit the old feedback
  • DPLEG-222 - Grouping a filter by a custom date field caused a server error
  • DPLEG-225 - Grouping in flagged filters was not retained if you move to another filter and return
  • DPLEG-260 - Error when downloading translations, breaks at Romanian package
  • DPLEG-278 - Adding a macro would automatically check “Close tab” box even when this was not defined
  • DPLEG-286 - Site Name and Site URL variables weren't  being displayed in new email templates
  • DPLEG-319 - Certain custom user field data was not being properly set after user account merge
  • DPLEG-63 - Creating linked ticket did not carry over brand (sets default)
  • DPLEG-377 - Adding a follower via a trigger did not execute
  • DPLEG-391 - Space visible before the first word in the body of some email templates
  • DPLEG-605 - GUI: URL field would leak out custom article field in Help Center
  • DPLEG-510 - "File" custom field is displaying broken on "Register" page
  • DPLEG-424 - Pagination issue: Can only View 10 Approval Types
  • DPLEG-489 - Ampersands can't be set in URLs by triggers
  • DPLEG-495 - API: Cannot add more than 1 article via API batch request
  • DPLEG-519 - Using the Ordered By/Group By function does not work if there are certain characters in a text field in Agent Interace
  • DPLEG-520 - Ticket Update Triggers did not apply when “SLA Passing” criteria was included
  • DPLEG-550 - 'Has been emailed a specific template' trigger criteria only shows emails from legacy template editor
  • DPLEG-552 - If a user has access to 0 departments on a particular brand through their usergroup, they are still able to submit tickets to the default department for that brand.
  • DPLEG-585 - CAPTCHA isn't enforced when submitting registration for an email already registered in the system
  • DPLEG-598 - Bug around “Preview As Guest” in Helpcenter Template Editor
  • CH-19542 - Not all chat departments were displaying in Messenger configuration in a multibrand setup
  • CH-24975 - Emails forwarded out from certain tickets were appearing blank
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