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How we handle feature requests


Deskpro is used by thousands of businesses across hundreds of different industries - often with their own diverse sets of needs. As a result, we receive a ton of feedback about features people want to see in the Deskpro product itself.

The feature requests we receive typically fit into a few categories:

1. It's really a bug : Sometimes a customer will (kindly) describe a feature request and we will internally categorise it as a bug. We aim to fix these very quickly.

2. It's a minor improvement to a feature with a high impact : Sometimes a customer suggests a modification to an existing feature that would make it much more useful; one we can implement quite easily. We often action this kind of feedback quickly - particularly when features are new or in-beta.

3. It's feature we're unlikely to implement : We never say never to any feature suggestion, but we sometimes receive requests we're unlikely to implement because they're outside the current scope of Deskpro's vision for the product. We typically respond to these requests by explaining it's unlikely the feature will be built.

4. It's a great new feature idea : This constitutes probably 60% of the feature requests we receive from our customers. They're usually great ideas that we can certainly see ourselves implementing as features. However, the reality is that - at any time - we have a product backlog for at least a year. This means any new ideas need to have proven and significant impact for the majority of our customers in order for us to prioritise them. The priority of our backlog does change, and nothing is set in stone - but if this is a feature you simply need to have, consider the following.

5. It's a feature you could build yourself : Around 20% of feature requests fall into this category. Deskpro is designed to be highly customized with Apps & Integrations - so the world is your oyster. For example, if the feature request is about doing something to data in Deskpro, you can almost certainly achieve that via our API. If it's about pulling data or integrating with another application - our app platform lets you achieve this quite easily. Of course, you will need developers - but we find our customers love Deskpro because they can completely customize and integrate our software to their liking. If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can also modify the source code to achieve exactly what you want.

Categories four and five mean you have options and autonomy. A good number of feature requests we receive can be easily built. Even if you don't have a development team, you could potentially outsource this sort of work to sites like Freelancer or Upwork.

Of course, we're also available to help - with Deskpro consultancy. Our consultancy team can work on custom projects (like integrations and developing API based tools), as well as adding features to Deskpro directly. The latter is often done on a subsidized, fixed price model - where you will partly pay for a prioritization of the feature development as opposed to funding the full extent of the work.

We hope this explanation has cleared up a few things about how we handle feature requests. If you are considering working with Deskpro consultancy to develop a feature, please reach out to our support team for more information at support@deskpro.com.

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