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We enhanced our Facebook channel for superior social support - News / Product / Product (Admin) - Deskpro Support

Nov 21 2023

We enhanced our Facebook channel for superior social support

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We're excited to announce a significant improvement to the Facebook channel that further enhances our omnichannel support. Previously, our Facebook channel was limited to pulling Direct Messages (DMs) into the helpdesk as tickets your team could respond to. But this update means you can now manage comments on your Facebook posts!

Facebook Comment Ingestion.png

Your support team can now track, respond to, and manage public comments on your Facebook posts without leaving the Deskpro interface. This new feature not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures that no query is left unanswered.

Facebook Post.png

Support your customers without switching platforms, and say hello to seamless social media customer service. You can see our updated Facebook Guide with instructions on setting up comment support on Facebook for Deskpro On-Premise or Deskpro Cloud.

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