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Mar 21 2013

New: New keyboard shortcuts

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New keyboard shortcuts are available on the ticket tab to allow you to perform common tasks even faster.

alt+r: Sends your reply
alt+s: Opens the snippets directory
alt+o: Opens the reply actions menu
alt+u: Sets the reply action to Awaiting User
alt+a: Sets the reply action to Awaiting Agent
alt+d: Sets the reply action to Resolved

Note: For Mac users, use ctrl instead of alt.

View all of the keyboard shortcuts by clicking the agent preferences in the top-right of the window, and opening up 'Help'.

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Juraj Zopp
Ctrl+shift+C starts on Chrome developer tools - console, however I would like to close the current ticket (tab) by some shortcut. Can shortcut for closing ticket/tab be changed, so users can use it in Chrome?

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