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Medi 17 2013

iPhone and Android Apps

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DeskPRO for iPhone and Android


This initial version of the DeskPRO app includes:
• Access your ticket filters to get lists of tickets
• View individual tickets, to see the ticket messages, notes, and properties
• Reply to tickets
• Change ticket properties like department, status, or agent
• Ticket notifications shows you real time ticket updates
• View inline images and download ticket attachments

Get the iPhone app from the App Store

Get the Android app from Google Play
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Sylwadau (4)

Ken McKinnon
Is there any way you could add a search to this?
Is there a newer version that will be released ?
Very much required, as there is no way to reach out to unlisted ticket.
Ben Henley
A new version with search and the ability to create new tickets is coming soon.

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