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Meh 4 2024

Enhance Apple Device Management with the Jamf Pro App

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We are excited to introduce the new Jamf Pro app, set to revolutionize your asset management for Apple devices.

Jamf Pro is an asset management platform that empowers IT teams to deploy, secure, and configure Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs efficiently. This integration aims to streamline your management and support workflows like never before.

Jamf Release.png

With the new Jamf Pro app, you can seamlessly integrate your account with Deskpro to view your enrolled Apple devices while interacting with tickets, enhancing the efficiency of your support operations. Here’s a glimpse into what this integration offers:

Link Devices to Users: Easily link devices to user tickets, allowing agents to access detailed information from Jamf about the user's device during interactions. This feature enhances communication efficiency and ensures that agents have all the necessary details at their fingertips.

View Device Details: Once a device is linked, access up-to-date data across dozens of fields without leaving Deskpro. This provides comprehensive insights for better support, enabling your team to resolve issues more effectively.

To get started, go to Admin > Apps & Integrations > Apps, open the Available tab, select Jamf Pro, and follow the setup instructions.

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