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Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.40 - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

Hyd 3 2023

Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.40

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We are thrilled to release Deskpro Horizon, version 2023.40. This week, we are launching four new Deskpro apps: MeisterTask, Bitbucket, Basecamp, and Wrike.

This release includes some exciting UI updates and more than 30 bug fixes. Our development team has been working on these updates to enhance your day-to-day experience as a Deskpro User.

New Features

We are thrilled to introduce four new Deskpro Apps!

We've created fresh integrations with MeisterTask, Basecamp, Bitbucket, and Wrike, designed to supercharge your workflow.

As a Deskpro Admin, you can now effortlessly connect your accounts with these systems directly to your helpdesk.

Go to Admin > Apps & Integrations > Apps, open the Available tab, choose which of the new apps you want to install, and follow the on-screen setup Guide.

This seamless integration means you can manage your projects directly from your Deskpro helpdesk, simplifying your processes and boosting your efficiency.

Say goodbye to juggling between platforms and hello to streamlined project management!

✨ We added the option to preview a ticket message in the Global Search app so you can quickly see why it has been matched against the search term.

This option can be toggled on and off depending on your preferences, using the Preview switch at the top of the Global Search app (SC 96629).

✨ Ticket Lists can now be filtered against Ticket Subject, Message, and Text in Custom Fields (SC 117263).

Latest Improvements

💅 We’ve added auto-refresh to the Ticket Summary feature, this ensures if another agent has edited it the Ticket Summary will be updated for another Agent looking at it without the need to refresh (SC 119535).

💅 We have added the following sorting options to the Comments to Review workflow in Help Center and Community (SC 118179):

  • Forum

  • Brand

  • Author

  • Date Created

  • ID

Agents can also now group the Comments to Review by Forum, Brand, Author, and Date Created.

💅 We updated the UI of the dropdown menu on the Help Center Add and Edit Category menu to align it with the other menus used in the Agent interface (SC 82936).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fixed an issue on the Ticket Search feature, where tooltips displayed out of view for CCs (SC 100183).

🐛 For Community Topics, we restored the ability to delete topics using Mass Actions (SC 106695).

🐛 We've fixed an issue related to the 'Forward as a New Ticket' option. Previously, when agents used this to resolve a ticket, they were not prompted to fill in the required fields. Now, agents will be prompted to fill in these necessary fields before they can successfully resolve a ticket (SC 118864).

🐛 We resolved an issue where the Gmail OAuth refresh token would expire after 1 hour and stop outbound messages from being sent (SC 127166).

🐛 We added a new FQL field ticket.person.organization to help resolve an issue where Ticket Lists were not correctly returning tickets when filtering based on Organization (SC 112325).

🐛 Fixed the Add New Phrase option on Email Templates so you will now be able to create a New Phase easily from the Templates UI (SC 124277).

🐛 We fixed an issue where you could save blank titles for Knowledgebase Categories (SC 97345).

🐛 Fixed the Category dropdown to ensure it can be used after creating a new Category for Help Center content (SC 105909).

🐛 Fixed an issue with Merging Community Topics to ensure that comments and votes get transferred (SC 90210).

🐛 We have fixed the sorting order of suggested tickets in the Merge Ticket menu to make the order more intuitive and moved archived, deleted, or spam tickets to the bottom of the list (SC 88773).

🐛 We added a fix to prevent HTML from appearing in Community Topics when submission does not succeed. (SC 97116).

🐛 Restored the asterisk for required fields on the Messenger Ticket Form (SC 125671).

🐛 Removed the border around the copy buttons for Help Center items (SC 121889).

🐛 Fixed an issue with blob deletion via API v2 (SC 127830).

🐛 We fixed the behavior where a ticket attachment would open in the same window when creating a new ticket, now attachments will open in another tab to minimize disruption (SC 115436).

🐛 Fixed an issue where ticket message images would not open in Lightbox consistently (SC 80158).

🐛 Fixed an issue where Admins would see an intermittent error when saving Email Templates (SC 126075).

🐛 We fixed an issue with permissions on the Auto-Responder flag, to remove it you must be an admin and now agents will see an error if they do not have permission to remove it (SC 127932).

🐛 Fixed an issue where Admins couldn’t open a specific Escalation (SC 121717).

🐛 Switched the menu for the Ticekt Actions menu to allow for scrolling, to ensure Agents can access all actions regardless of screen size (SC 126860).

🐛 Fixed an issue where Forwarded tickets were being associated with the Agent who forwarded the email rather than the User (SC 112005).

🐛 We fixed an issue with the formatting of the date in the Billing and Time Log to ensure it doesn’t overlap (SC 126765).

🐛 Proper setup of SMTP SSL options when the 'Disable Certificate Validation' option is on to allow bypass of an invalid SSL Certificate (SC 128481).

Patch Release 2023.40.1

🐛 We fixed an issue where Queues were displaying an incorrect ticket count for agents

On-Premise Controller Release 2.10.0

We’re pleased to share the latest version of the OPC, 2.10.0. This version includes an improvement to add clarity to the update process and a bug fix.

Latest Improvements

💅 Show a warning instead of an error if instance containers are stopped due to an instance update in progress (SC 128610).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Use a fully qualified OPC binary path when demoting node if sync fails (SC 128640).

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