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Medi 16 2021

Deskpro 2021.1.9 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2021.1.9. This includes a mixture of general improvements, bug fixes and security patches.

General Improvements:

  • CH-25401 - Appearance of HTML tables sent in via email improved

  • CH-37970 - Minor change to appearance of BETA feature information in Admin dashboard

  • CH-37792 - General improvements to performance and security around zip/tar archive extraction

  • CH-25265 - "New Ticket Triggers" will now apply normally to tickets created via "Forward as New Ticket" option

  • CH-23202 - Guide pages will now render proper unique <title> tags, improving SEO and indexing

  • CH-32366 - Add "Title" prefix (Mr/Mrs etc) variable in templates with {{ recipient.title_prefix }}

  • CH-31481 - Default Status in Community was empty, this is now populated to improve user experience

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-28066 - Cron job [Email Processing] was crashing with "invalid_grant" error in certain scenarios on Office365

  • CH-28725 - "Group by" filter was disappearing in agent interface after a few seconds

  • CH-38915 - "Ordered by" and "Group By" filters not remaining static

  • CH-30151 - Live Chat sessions were timing out too quickly

  • CH-40745 - Email processing/cron job getting stuck when retrying problematic emails

  • CH-31946 - Knowledgebase article title translations were being lost/reset randomly

  • CH-29847 - Out of Office auto-responders (with NULL return-path) were marking users as auto-responders, causing issues with automatic emails

  • CH-31523 - Built in sub-filter custom views in agent ticket interface were lost after a page refresh

  • CH-26663 - Various issues logging into the admin interface for specific administrators resolved

  • CH-31405 - Pie Charts in reports showing excessive number of decimal places

  • CH-26242 - [API] /api/v2/user_groups endpoint will now return the departments each usergroup has permissions for

  • CH-31799 - Microsoft Translator plugin drop down was appearing blank, not showing all available languages

  • CH-35122 - Resolved edge-case timeout issues when agents reset their own passwords

  • CH-28127 - "Disable attachment permalink" setting corrected to include actual attachments when within threshold limits

  • CH-31608 - Pasted images not displaying in messages when using Forward Ticket feature

  • CH-29002 - Corrected assignment logic around "Round Robin Optional Assignment" queue type

  • CH-30122 - Chapter would turn into a Page when moved around within a Guide tree

  • CH-28797 - Email template for rejected emails had unpopulated variables

  • CH-29905 - "My Chats" section of Helpcenter did not show for any users if Live Chat was disabled for the "Everyone" usergroup

  • CH-26742 - Agents were still being assigned new live chats when the "Agents can handle a max of X chats" threshold was breached

  • CH-30435 - Date fields with "Ignore Timezone" feature displaying incorrectly in helpcenter portal

  • CH-27860 - Guests could create new accounts when registration was disabled by submitting a community topic

  • CH-26334 - Certain days failing date validation check when user's timezone does not match helpdesk

  • CH-29661 - Ticket notifications were sent to agent in language of the Ticket instead of their own preferred language

  • CH-27210 - Attachments posted through V2 API were not completely deleted by triggers/escalations

  • CH-30380 - "Invalid URL" error showing when attempting to create new hot-linked download content

  • CH-25976 - Console command introduced to automatically clone entire knowledgebase article categories

Error Reports:

  • CH-30433 - [ERROR] DateTime::setTimezone() expects parameter 1 to be DateTimeZone, null given

  • CH-32427 - [ERROR] SAML: 0 The identifier id is missing for a query of Application\DeskPRO\Entity\Usersource

  • CH-31660 - [ERROR] Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '?'

  • CH-31429 - [ERROR] Call to undefined method GuzzleHttp\Handler\MockHandler

  • CH-37774 - [ERROR] AccessDenied/Request has expired: when creating and saving new snippets

Security Improvements:

We have included various security patches in this update. We highly recommend you update to take advantage of these improvements. These patches are currently only identified by their ID’s.

  • CH-30751

  • CH-31689

  • CH-32038

  • CH-31848

  • CH-31429

  • CH-32035

  • CH-32119

Patch Notification 2021.1.9.52613 (17th Sept 2021):

We received reports that error logs were being filled with the following warnings after the 2021.1.9 update above. We have patched this to prevent these warnings. It is safe to ignore these errors and purge these from your error log history:

  • DeskPRO Error: E_WARNING (/app/52609/src/DeskPRO/Component/Filesystem/SafeFile.php line 1091): unlink() expects parameter 2 to be resource, null given

  • SafeFile::unlink(<filepath>) is not valid

  • DeskPRO Error: E_WARNING (app\52602\src\DeskPRO\Component\Filesystem\SafeFile.php line 502): fopen(<filepath>): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Patch Notification 2021.1.9.52636 (22nd Sept 2021):

We have released a further set of patches to address bugs found in the 2021.1.9 update. Some of these errors may have prevented Deskpro from automatically completing updates.

If you are unable to update the software and are seeing an error as mentioned below, please contact support via or by clicking here.

  • Errors preventing completion automatic updates:

    • updater.general.INFO: ReqCheck exit: 255 Unknown error

    • [E_WARNING] ZipArchive::getStatusString(): Invalid or uninitialized Zip object <filepath>

    • [Auto-Upgrade] Exception: <Alchemy\Zippy\Exception\InvalidArgumentException> Unable to extract archive : <filepath>

  • Deskpro Error: Failed to remove directory <filepath> : Resource temporarily unavailable.

  • Temp folders filling up with files/folders, which were not being automatically cleaned up.

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