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Tach 25 2019

Deskpro 2019.9 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.9. This includes new feature additions, as well as performance improvements to your helpdesk.  

New Features:

Approvals - Streamline your approvals process. New approval workflows can be created to gain both end-user and internal agent approvals, further allowing for powerful automation.

Article and News Templates - Increase efficiency and maintain consistency in your content production by creating content frameworks for your writers to use.


  • CH-2620    New email connection method: Gmail OAuth
  • CH-315    New ability to Re-order trigger actions in new + existing triggers
  • CH-3180    Improved performance when searching for articles/content throughout the helpdesk
  • CH-1186    Improve realtime reactivity of agent interface when modifying custom field values in tickets

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-2979    'Sort tickets by...' drop down in user profile no longer appears in agent interface
  • CH-4398    Auth+SSO login actions feature to assign an attribute from a user value does not create new organisations
  • CH-4327    Task Router improvements for User Chat to improve reliability of new chat notifications
  • CH-4318    Task Router logging improvements to assist with troubleshooting
  • CH-4055    Previous broken Portuguese (PT) link in portal has been removed
  • CH-4287    Chat labels created in the Admin area are not available to add during a live chat
  • CH-4341    Disabling KB Custom Fields removes them from the UI completely
  • CH-2794    GROUP BY results for Custom Fields Not Showing
  • CH-2699    Status of linked tickets shows incorrectly in child tickets
  • CH-4279    Edge Case: Custom CSS breaking after individual helpdesk updates
  • CH-3101    (Multibrand) Chat widget bug with default department selection across brands
  • CH-3458    (Multibrand) Trying to navigate to an article in Brand B portal incorrectly redirects to the URL for Brand A
  • CH-3047    (Multibrand) The widget on Brand 2 portal is displaying the name of the default brand
  • CH-4225    Legacy Ticket API fails in SerializerContext
  • CH-4107    Default triggers should not be automatically re-activated after updates/migrations
  • CH-4129    OpenID Connect always authenticates as the same user, regardless of actual user logging in
  • CH-3501    Zendesk importer improved to record more accurate dates/times
  • CH-2830    Fixed geo-map widget when hovering over an organization address
  • CH-3663    Running 'dp:import-apply' command returns 'The "job" option does not exist.'
  • CH-3884    Improved checks when deleting organisations to improve db integrity
  • CH-3036    (Multibrand) Settings for secondary brands are being overridden the Default Brand when logged into the portal
  • CH-3705    Changing a cc'd participant to be the main owner of the ticket and then removing them as a cc causes email routing issues
  • CH-1414    Chat widget doesn't load Every-time in Firefox
  • CH-3189    When email is too big in IMAP, email never gets deleted/processed
  • CH-2199    Admins should not get locked out of Deskpro when importing users via CSV
  • CH-825    Custom password policy not working
  • CH-3453    API /tickets endpoint returning 500 error citing issues with missing users.
  • CH-2873    HTML tag options disappear when content is updated (PUT).
  • CH-2638    Curly Brackets in Ticket Subject causing Log Errors
  • CH-3060    Spicework importer bug throws a getDataKey error and does not complete
  • CH-2949    Error: First parameter must either be an object or the name of an existing class
  • CH-2570    Improvements made to Content PDF generator to prevent errors
  • CH-2621    "Table" dropdown box is cutting off on "Agent chat" screen
  • CH-3026    "Create news post" button is not responding after click on "Properties" dropdown option on "New post" form
  • CH-1522    Issues parsing the HTML contents of a user email
  • CH-2567    Email addresses belonging to agents should not appear in the CC list within ticket responses
  • CH-2803    Department permissions UI bug - tool tip showing incorrectly
  • CH-2240    Pressing the Page Down key on a keyboard in the agent interface causes the page to shift to the left, causing the display to be cut off
  • CH-1088    Saved Public Holidays in Custom SLA Working hours don't continue to display in the SLA settings
  • CH-2789    (GUI) Arrows on the agent interface filters pane have just become misaligned
  • CH-2666    Login redirection after following a URL which requires auth not working
  • CH-330    Hotfix: 403 Forbidden popup appearing after upgrade
  • CH-2114    Erroneous 'User is not waiting' group can display when grouping tickets by 'Waiting Time'
  • CH-3216    (Multibrand) Chat Widget of secondary brands not displaying properly, however chat widget of "Default brand" is working.

Voice Progressions:

  • CH-691    Improve behaviour of grouped missed calls setting if multiple calls/voicemails are left in a short period of time
  • CH-689    Default to the last user profile for incoming calls to reduce duplicate "anonymous users"
  • CH-695    Deleting a number should release it in Twilio
  • CH-698    Allow the option to disable voice numbers
  • CH-703    Expose voice DPQL tables for better reporting
  • CH-692    Hide all voice tickets in the end-user portal
  • CH-2847    New Voice Billing Summary Feature
  • CH-3842    Improve titles in voice reports
  • CH-2800   Available numbers should be available on live helpdesks
  • CH-2905   Add validation group for 'answer timeout' in queue settings only when visible
  • CH-2853   Only use Twilio proxy if using a Deskpro managed account
  • CH-3147    Improve realtime status changes of voice calls
  • CH-2851 Prevent invalid call prices from being logged
  • CH-2975 Task router logging improvements to improve troubleshooting
  • CH-3835    Remove broken Add New Queue Option When Creating an Auto-Attendant
  • CH-2849    Show more data in call logs to expand to the additional legs of the calls
  • CH-4448    Agents should be able to accept a voice call when in an active live chat

27th November 2019 - 2019.9.1 

  • CH-5865   Live chat widget appeared broken after update (affected specific installs only)
  • CH-5871   Bogus SQL error logs (false positive) appearing after update have been cleaned up

29th November 2019 - 2019.9.2

  • CH-5859   Email connectors set up using POP encountered problems dealing with certain large emails, causing mail disruption

16th December 2019 - 2019.9.3


  • CH-6309 Improve localisation to include the Spanish “Enviado el:” as a proper forward condition in email 
  • CH-6213 Further improvements to security around email rate limiting for password resets and CAPTCHA enforcement
  • CH-6144 Improved security with heavier enforcement of Usergroup permissions surrounding public content access
  • CH-3840 Ticket search function in user portal improved to better include subjects
  • CH-3391 Allow for a '0' or Free charge in Billing field
  • CH-6536 Large project to remove legacy PHP functions from the code. Deskpro is now compatible with latest PHP 7.4.

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-6249 Images not showing in guides content system
  • CH-5862 Custom password policies should only apply to Deskpro Auth – fixing incorrect expired password messages
  • CH-5796 Chat round robin sends notification to accept/dismiss chat rather than directly assigning chat
  • CH-5780 Failure to find email account via API results in an incorrect/unhelpful 500 error response
  • CH-5669 (Content Templates Feature) Clearly show if a template is for a news or article Item
  • CH-5209 Revert the removal of TO: and CC: information when an agent hovers over the date/time of a ticket message.
  • CH-4498 (GUI) Character "T" overlaps on "S" in the ticket "Approvals" tab
  • CH-4147 Certain Macro actions are applied but are not recorded in the Full Log, causing certain trigger criteria to not match
  • CH-3457 Agent login details no longer pre-populated into fields on agent login page
  • CH-3373 'Originated Interface' criteria not affected filter search results
  • CH-3260 '/' usage in Ticket references prevents triggering emails to users
  • CH-3161 Multiple "Organizations" are being created when user click on "Create organization" button multiple time
  • CH-3051 After you edit a Label being used in a Trigger/Escalation/Filter, the label value does not display in the UI
  • CH-2979 'Sort tickets by...' drop down in user CRM profile in agent interface no longer appears


  • CH-5999 GUI glitches fixed with certain tickets containing voice call logs
  • CH-5962 Some Agents cannot receive calls with through voice in agent interface
  • CH-5569 Bugs with Voice widget in Agent Interface fixed

15th January 2020 - 2019.9.4

  • CH-6388 - Unable to view the full ticket history through the helpdesk portal.
  • CH-5459 - Correct community 'Can validate' permissions do not break feature access.
  • CH-6010 - Improve browser compatibility of snippets area, resolving display issues.
  • CH-6320 - Bug fixes while changing categories within the knowledge base, no more errors.
  • CH-6037 - Fixes to the ticket deflection feature in the portal, kb article suggestions will appear properly.
  • CH-6626 - Prevent automatic normalisation of attachment file extensions, allow to retain case-sensitivity
  • CH-4236 - Improve ticket subject matching behaviour when dealing with wider matches. Added focus on ticket participants.
  • CH-4257 - Bug fixed when moving tickets between departments in different brands
  • CH-6656 - Improvements to snippet searching
  • CH-6661 - Expanded compatibility with IE11
  • CH-6613 - Improvements to translations and locality through the guides system
  • CH-7642 - (Voice) Added option to relay a recorded message to a user instead of leaving a voicemail.
  • CH-7717 - Resolve any session issues causing agent login problems when using external usersources
  • CH-7762 - Further improvements to embedded/hot linked image loading on guides

4th February 2020 - 2019.9.5

  • CH-7592 - Improve User CSV importer to include mapping to Organisational Custom Fields
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