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Medi 2 2019

Deskpro 2019.7 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.7. This includes new feature additions, as well as performance improvements to your helpdesk. 



Bug Fixes:

  • DP-3267    Expose the "Sort" drop-down option on the feedback portal page to phrases so it can be translated.
  • DP-3310    Ticket SLAs which are being marked as 'Complete' get reverted/recalculated if a new note/reply is added to the ticket
  • DP-3540    Organisational usergroup permissions incorrectly overriding custom per-user usergroup settings.
  • DP-3271    (Reports) Currency custom field type did not display the value correctly in a custom stat
  • DP-3235    (Reports) Ignore '' autolink in subqueries in DPQL v2
  • DP-3522    Unable to add a new agent to a chat queue if existing agent was deleted
  • DP-3473    Converted custom email templates don't disappear from the list to be converted  after changes
  • DP-3232    Remove limit of 10 usergroups when assigning permissions to chat
  • DP-3157    Omni-search did not include chat ID's if Elasticsearch was disabled
  • DP-3101    Added missing Alias props for Article and Chat custom fields
  • DP-3494    (LDAP) Fixed email domain association for users synced through LDAP. Corrected "Creation By" detail.
  • DP-3528    Improve confirmation message when adding/deleting custom field options.
  • CH-886    Error appeared when using "Forward as a new linked ticket" feature
  • CH-765    Error appeared when agent attempted to delete a comment on a guide topic
  • CH-997    Google fonts now bundled into the Deskpro to prevent need for external calling of assets
  • CH-1016    File permissions corrected for those moving onto S3 file storage.
  • CH-824    Tickets were incorrectly showing as locked to an agent in certain reply situations
  • CH-775    Times in custom references now correlate to the correct helpdesk timezone
  • CH-789    Linked ticket was assigned to default brand rather than brand of parent
  • CH-671    Pasted images in user portal replies appear in the wrong place
  • CH-804    Translating agent replies using the MS Translator app created unwanted HTML
  • CH-833    "Go" agent permalink/URL needs to follow merged tickets
  • CH-971    Article language drop-down selector doesn't save the selection
  • CH-748    Unable to unset a predefined field when hierarchy/child options are used
  • CH-651    Ticket loading fails and appearance bugs out when opening multiple tickets quickly
  • CH-666    Autofill incorrectly being triggered in certain areas of the agent interface
  • CH-673    First reply SLA should not be completed when the ticket status is changed and no agent reply exists
  • CH-662    V2 API department permissions improved
  • CH-665    Snippet shortcut menu inserts even when one is not selected
  • CH-668    A user can initiate a chat when an agent who is not in any chat queue is set online for chat
  • CH-656    Clicking on the category folder tab in the Publish area doesn't load the target on the first click
  • CH-1285  Incoming email attachments file names appearing corrupted
  • CH-1022  Improved smoother user experience while using custom stats in the reporting area
  • CH-1164  Attachments were removed when creating a ticket via "forward as a linked ticket"
  • CH-904  Stats with pre-defined custom fields causing issues when embedded as widget in a custom report.
  • CH-659  GUI Bug: Omni-search box dropdown appears undesirably when loading agent interface in Chrome.
  • CH-752  Navigating to agent preferences showed a blank page instead of defaulting to "Profile"
  • CH-1352  Improved "Can edit/delete without logging original" agent permissions behaviour
  • CH-1082  Inbound email 'cutter' improved so all intended contents of a message enter the ticket
  • CH-1639 Properly log auto responder events into the changelog of CRM profiles.
  • CH-1025  Incorrect statuses showing for linked tickets
  • CH-1579  Date custom field value can be incorrect in a stat when using date formatting in the query
  • CH-1000  Error when saving "Monday" in a date field when "Mon-Fri" are specified criteria
  • CH-733  Resolve issues with the Snippets editor window in the Safari web browser
  • CH-1653  The "HTML Button" was duplicated in the Snippets text editor
  • CH-1343  Removed unwanted HTML when viewing a "Forwarded Email" log within a ticket
  • CH-1650  Conversational style of chat displaying incorrect "No matches found" messages
  • CH-1598  Improvements to admin area when Turkish language set
  • CH-2134 Agent interface GUI improved when creating ticket with a new user
  • CH-763  Double loading glitch of sidebar after using "Impersonation mode"
  • CH-1393  Live chat window toolbar cuts off on narrow browsers
  • CH-1180  Password reset emails not containing proper link if license had expired
  • CH-1092  General improvements to the portal contact form appearance across different browsers
  • CH-1867  Portal search behaviour improved when special characters are included
  • CH-1851  Unable to select CRM type labels in automation criteria
  • CH-2385  Can't edit a report stat if there is a compile error
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