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Only allow user to start chatting once agent has joined - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Only allow user to start chatting once agent has joined Finished

Currently in chat a user can start writing their request before an agent joins the chat.

Sometimes a user will write a request and an agent won't join. Then the chat will timeout and request the user to log a ticket. This means a user will have to essentially write out their request twice/waste time writing a message that won't be viewed by an agent.

We'd like to have the option to disable the user's ability to start chatting unitil the agent joins hence meaning all their chat will be viewed by an agent.

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Lara Proud

We have made changes to Live Chat in the latest version of Deskpro, this is to improve the interaction for users and help provide information agents need to get back to them.

Now, users do not have to manually re-submit information to log a ticket if the Chat times out and they aren’t connected to an Agent, they will simply be asked to input their Name and Email address to make sure you have enough information to reach back out and resolve the issue:

image 36.png

If the chat is missed, it is logged as a missed chat ticket with the information entered by the User visible on the helpdesk, meaning agents can get back to the user, this will look something like below:

image 37.png

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Bill Gabay
Can we an option to prevent online customers from entering their messages BEFORE a CSR joins in and sends out a greeting?