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Download All Attachments - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Download All Attachments Finished

We have a request for agents to have the ability to download multiple attachments at one time. If a ticket has multiple attachments, the agent needs to click on each of them to download instead of having the option to select all or select the specific files. 

The only way you can choose what files to download is if the attachment is a Zip File.

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Hannah Scott

Thank you for this suggestion, we have just implemented this feature in last week’s release. Agents can now download all ticket attachments sent on a reply at once. You can read more about this in our release notes here: Deskpro Horizon 2024.3


Sylwadau (3)

We have the same request, thank you.
Zsolt Kiss
Totally agree. Pease add this feature.
Is this feature ever coming?