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Disregard tickets ONHOLD from SLA-plan - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Disregard tickets ONHOLD from SLA-plan In Development

It would be nice if there was an option to disregard tickets OnHold from the SLA-plan. Sometimes you need to do more research to be able to respond and resolve a ticket. In these special cases you can put the ticket onHold in DeskPro but it would also be nice if you could choose to disregard these tickets from the SLA-plan.

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Chris Padfield
We are working on this feature.
Steffen Kemme
Thank you very much. We need this feature as well. Preferably we'd like the added option to also pause the SLA while the ticket's status is set to "Awaiting User", but that's just a 'nice-to-have'. The option to pause the SLA while the ticket is on Hold is more important for us.

On the Admin SLA, you cannot add criteria to exclude the HOLD queue, and on Escalation's, you can exclude the HOLD queue, but you cant set date ranges/days/times. Please add the ability to exclude HOLD queue tickets from having the SLA applied. That way, we can create separate ticket alerts for normal queue tickets and hold queue tickets, with separate notification events based on time. If we put something on hold, its on hold because we cant deal with it at that point in time e.g. we are awaiting a 3rd party response... so we don't want the ticket to escalate in the same timeframe that new and normal queue tickets do. Thanks

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