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bře 17 2020

Deskpro 2020.0 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2020.0. This includes new feature additions, as well as performance and security improvements to your helpdesk. 


  • CH-4384    Add 'Ticket Language' as a criteria option for automatons (e.g. Triggers and Escalations)
  • CH-7601    Improve in-product helpdesk importers to retain legacy ticket/chat ID's in a custom field
  • CH-8858    Add setting to limit portal registration/login to specific domains
  • CH-8921    New variable argument to render custom field in email template only if populated
  • CH-9438    (API) Add the ability to run mass ticket actions by date
  • CH-9881    (API) Mass actions - improved to delete persons and organisations
  • CH-8635    (On-premise) bin/console command to globally force users/agents to reset their password

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-2487    When creating new guide topics in multibrand, only the default parent topics appear in the dropdown
  • CH-2966    The custom filters configuration popup appears blank when originally opening
  • CH-3128    Misaligned "Arrow" is displaying under "Translation" tab on "Knowledgebase" page
  • CH-3164    Link to Old Report Interface in Admin Dashboard now removed
  • CH-3215    Zendesk importer will not start with incorrect date format
  • CH-3240    Ticket automatically opens again in 2-3 seconds when user immediately close the ticket while opening
  • CH-4246    'All' News Subscription Ignoring Multibrands
  • CH-4409    Attachments sent from ticket in second brand have URL for default brand
  • CH-4853    After adding multiple custom dashboards in the Reports interface, it isn't possible to scroll through the list
  • CH-5295    Displaying incorrect "Department" when user select another "Brand" after opens a second new ticket
  • CH-6037    Chat widget ticket deflection behaviour improved
  • CH-6107    Cookie dpsid-portal is not set as secure and fails PCI Compliance
  • CH-6257    Pending tickets aren't accessible after resetting the search index
  • CH-6364    Unable to save IP address in CIDR format with '/' in Shareable Links in reports.
  • CH-6366    After adding a new stat, a 'This value should not be blank' message appears instead of the stat results
  • CH-6830    Agent interface search box incorrectly appearing as a 'required field'
  • CH-7331    Display all agent teams in voice queue settings
  • CH-7406    Japanese characters not rendered properly in file names
  • CH-7419    Voice Billing Summary only lists calls, phone number rental charges not included
  • CH-7430    Voice call surcharge not being applied
  • CH-7584    Bug in TicketSearch.php causing flood of error messages "Error: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable"
  • CH-7589    Jira V1 app improved to function with sub directories
  • CH-7647    Email handler to correctly set `Message-ID` and `Return-Path` headers
  • CH-7687    General improvements to outbound calls
  • CH-7789    Cannot View or Edit Existing Knowledge base Custom Fields
  • CH-7809    Ticket forwarding is not working when Deskpro in sub-directory
  • CH-8453    Certain outgoing email logs showing as pending when email has been sent
  • CH-8474    Multiple redirects after login attempt when Deskpro installed in a sub-directory
  • CH-8494    New Ticket Form will not show field reliant on hidden user field
  • CH-8604    Password policy requirements do not apply properly on agent side reset
  • CH-8673    Voice Incoming Call Window drop down not scroll-able
  • CH-8803    URL bugs caused if default brand has id > '1' 
  • CH-8831    Inline ticket satisfaction survey link does not respect multibrand URL
  • CH-8847    Certain special characters result in empty file names in attachments
  • CH-8965    Forward as a new linked ticket does not respect 'From'email settings
  • CH-9011    Error log flooding with arbitrary Error: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given
  • CH-9158    Improve API permission enforcement to certain endpoints
  • CH-9275    Cannot access or edit guides through agent interface when Deskpro installed in sub-directory
  • CH-9344    Zendesk importer only brings in first 100 organisations
  • CH-9395    Bug causing certain Ticket messages disappearing in agent interface
  • CH-9478    AD sync repeatedly removes manager role for existing users
  • CH-9494    Emails stuck in 'processing' should not block the rest of the incoming mail
  • CH-9581    Brands URL slug redirects to main brand
  • CH-9686    Ticket reply assignment behaviour isn't respected in certain scenarios
  • CH-9748    Typo in email template which generates "Ticket Notification" agent email
  • CH-9789    API mass_actions - delete can't handle tickets with missing fields
  • CH-9972    Download URL incorrectly still functions after the actual download article object has been deleted
  • CH-9992    Error 500 while starting a Zendesk Import
  • CH-10045    Legacy chat widget does not show body (blank) unless you resize the window
  • CH-10163    Pagination in community status filters is broken affecting scrolling in agent interface

24th March 2020 - 2020.0.1

  • CH-10728   Unable to edit the 'Enabled' setting selection for the 'Everyone' usergroup
  • CH-10715   "An error occurred" message displays when users without an organization log in to portal
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