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Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.21 - Новини / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

май 23 2023

Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.21

Списък с автори

We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2023.21. This release includes several new features our team has been developing which will improve visibility and ticket management in the interface, as well as general improvements to product functionality and several bug fixes.

New Features

✨ Apply Ticket Actions quickly with the new menu

We have enhanced the Ticket Actions menu to improve your ticket handling experience (SC 108561), you can now choose which Ticket Actions you want to quickly select and apply from the Header Bar.

Ticket Actions Menu Change.png

The re-designed menu makes it easier to find and use the Ticket Actions you need, improving your efficiency when actioning tickets in the helpdesk.

✨ Improved control over the User and CC fields

The new collapsible User and CC fields on a ticket provide better visibility and clarity when working on Tickets with numerous CCs (SC 111255).

Users and CCs.png

✨ We released our WooCommerce integration

You can connect your WooCommerce account to Deskpro to enable painless visibility over your customers and orders (SC 111255).

WooCommerce Release.png

✨ You can now connect your Copper CRM with your Deskpro helpdesk

Access your deals and customer information from your Copper CRM seamlessly from your helpdesk (SC 111255).

Copper Release.png

Latest Improvements

💅 We’ve made changes to the default rate limit settings for agent login to enable more attempts in a short space of time and show a CAPTCHA rather than blocking login (SC 98797).

💅 We’ve improved the accessibility of our Login Page (SC 104224).

💅 We’ve disabled Deskpro Voice functionality for Legacy Licenses (SC 102564).

Bug Fixes

🐛 We fixed an issue with our Microsoft Translation configuration where they had changed their required fields which led to an issue authenticating the translation app. You can follow the Guide to set up the Microsoft Translation tool on your helpdesk. (SC 107609).

🐛 We fixed a bug where using a Mass Action to send a Ticket Reply would work even if mandatory fields were not filled in, now the Mass Action will check for any empty fields and will indicate if it hasn’t sent the reply (SC 92522).

🐛 Fixed several Macros that were not working properly, including (SC 102907):

  • Removing specific Agent Followers

  • Removing specific values for a Custom field

  • Adding a Custom field choice

  • Adding a File to a Custom field

  • Clearing a Custom Date field

🐛 Fixed an issue with the Captcha settings in Data > Security where checkboxes would remain active even after removing them and saving the menu (SC 106803).

🐛 We fixed an issue where Escalations were taking too long to run on tickets when using the rule User has been waiting for (SC 109440).

🐛 Fixed a discrepancy between the selected permission groups showing the wrong count on the Problems menu in the Admin interface (SC 98308).

🐛 Fixed an issue where no warning appeared when trying to create an Organization but using an invalid phone number, now the error message will display to show why the Organization couldn’t be created (SC 104402).

🐛 Fixed an issue with agent @ mentioning where you couldn’t access the complete list of Agents on a ticket when the ticket was opened from a direct link (SC 108284).

🐛 We fixed an issue where Tickets would intermittently freeze when trying to scroll in the thread (SC 110489).

🐛 Resolved a rendering issue on the Mobile app where the ticket properties panel wouldn’t open full width (SC 110675).

🐛 Fixed an issue with News Post Template where a Splash Image would disappear if the Template was updated (SC 99294).

🐛 We fixed the issue where Custom fields weren’t appearing in the CSV export of a Ticket List (SC 102565).

🐛 Fixed an issue with the new File page where you could create a File without actually having a file uploaded or linked (SC 95392).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.5.4

We are also delighted to announce the latest version of the OPC, 2.5.4. This version includes some general improvements and bug fixes to improve the experience using the On-Premise Controller.

Latest Improvements

💅 Reduce the expiry of MySQL binlogs to 3 days for new installations and provide a method to manually purge binlogs from the OPC WebGUI (SC 110731).

💅 Move the configuration of instance PHP settings to a dedicated web service screen (SC 103861).

💅 Allow self-signed certificates when downloading a backup for import from a URL endpoint (SC 111381).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Pin `libcurl` to 8.0.1 in containers due to incompatibilities with the telemetry library with 8.1.0 (SC 111513).

🐛 Correct the date time comparison for pin logins to the OPC when the container and server have different time zones set (SC 111203).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.5.3

Bug fixes

🐛 Downgrade `shellinabox` dependency due to segfaults in package (SC 110840).

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