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Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.23.0 - Новини / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

юни 7 2022

Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.23.0

Списък с автори

We’re pleased to announce the latest release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2022.23.0. This release includes general improvements and bug fixes across the Admin and Agent interfaces.

New Features

💫 With this release, we have added the ability for our Enterprise customers to link up their existing Twilio accounts to Deskpro when enabling Voice, SMS, and WhatsApp. So you can manage your calls, texts, or WhatsApps messages directly through your own Twilio account and don’t need to add service credit to your Deskpro account to use any of these channels (SC 72331).

Some of the improvements we have made

💅 We’ve improved the experience of site upgrades. A modal will display informing you that you need to refresh the page. Which prevents Agents from experiencing UI errors caused by unexpected upgrades (SC 67930 & SC 73793).

💅 We have added a modal to check if you wish to “discard unsaved changes” when editing snippet forms in Admin (SC 72339).

💅 When Users hover over truncated Guide Page titles, they will be able to see the title in full in a tooltip (SC 62834).

💅 We’ve added the ability to create a new user when creating a new ticket message in API V2 (SC 73465).

💅 We have added the ability to preserve ticket queue notifications for Agents when ticket queues get reset in Admin (SC 73314).

💅 You will now be redirected to our new API documentation when accessing it from the Deskpro Interface (SC 71435).

Bugs we’ve fixed in this release

🐛 We have fixed the issue where Users with the relevant permissions couldn’t comment on Guide pages from the Help Center. So this will no longer result in an error (SC 74181).

🐛 Agents can now save a File as a draft (SC 61578).

🐛 We’ve fixed an issue where you couldn’t create a new Ticket when a custom number field wasn’t mandatory (SC 72703).

🐛 When landing on the data importer page in the Admin interface, you will get redirected to a coming soon page (SC 72285).

🐛 We’ve fixed the issue where images sent from Users in Messenger, while sending, weren’t displaying correctly in the User’s chat. Inline images will now render correctly in the User-facing chat (SC 61579).

🐛 The issue where Community topics were not displayed in search results when found via search words has been fixed. Topics will show up in the Help Center search results when the relevant search term is entered (SC 65745).

🐛 We have fixed the issue where an Agent could use a Mass Action to set multiple Ticket Statuses even if they didn’t have the required permissions (SC 56652).

🐛 We’ve fixed the issue in Reports where the total count in the ‘Total’ column wasn’t displaying. The count will now show up on the table (SC 64207).

🐛 The issue where embedding Messenger on your website was causing browser history to duplicate has been fixed (SC 72604).

🐛 When restoring an Agent profile, the helpdesk will check the license for the number of available seats. If the number of Agents you’re trying to restore surpasses the remaining number of seats, an error will display saying you have used all your available Agent licenses. This error will also occur when restoring Agents via Mass Action (SC 60299).

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