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DeskPRO Build #415 Released - Новини / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

сеп 17 2015

DeskPRO Build #415 Released

Списък с автори

We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #415.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW Use encryption for storage of email account passwords
  • NEW Problems and Incidents (https://support.deskpro.com/news/view/558)
  • FIX Parsing forwarded message when the user email line contains a name which includes a parenthesis
  • FIX Portal: Style of ol and ul lists in tickets
  • FIX No ticketlog for when SLA status changes (between ok, warn and fail)
  • FIX fixes possible persistence error during sync
  • FIX Reports 'Past 24 Hours' placeholder was sometimes using ranges longer than 24h
  • FIX Disabling a usergroup would make it invisible on the usergroups list
  • FIX Org label 'not in' filters would cause SQL error
  • FIX Admin: Input for relative date criteria did not save properly for 'after'
  • FIX Department newticket triggers would not apply to agent-forwarded emails
  • FIX Hard-deleted tickets did not delete attachment data
  • FIX Agent: Search tab had op field overlap input box
  • FIX Agent: Related content that are 'drafts' would not show in Related Content tab
  • FIX Validation errors on agent newticket screen when user fields exist on a layout
  • FIX Email gateway: Agent email codes did not work for custom fields
  • FIX Fix possibility of some email accounts being skipped if processing time of other accounts is longer than 180 seconds
  • FIX Sometimes logging-in when certain language cookies are set might result in an error
  • FIX Portal: showing 'Not Found' when clicking on resolve link in emails
  • FIX Agent: Fix 'more' button in snippets window
  • FIX Ticket log now logs email account changes
  • FIX Admin: Deleting a feedback category would delete linked usergroups
  • FIX Admin: Creating feedback type would not save usergroup selection
  • FIX Links in chat messages open in new windows
  • FIX CSV exporting using lowercased strings in contact data
  • FIX CSV exporting would add duplicate primary email
  • FIX Agent: Fix setting unpublish date on articles
  • FIX Rendered datetime custom field only shows date
  • FIX Chat transcript would always be sent in English if user is a guest
  • FIX Purge demo failed to purge KB when DeskPRO is running on case-sensitive filesystems
  • FIX Agent: Mentions in newticket notes didn't work
  • FIX Link to escalations in ticketlog were incorrect
  • FIX Chrome would show translation prompt in agent interface when viewing tickets in other languages
  • FIX Formatting on snippets is lost when using shortcodes
  • FIX Portal: Deleted or unpublished articles showed permission error instead of 404
  • FIX Saving signature from agent interface
  • FIX Fix missing {{ticket.subject}} variable in some gateway rejection messages

This update has been rolled out to all Cloud customers.

If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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