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фев 11 2013

DeskPRO Build #236 Released

Списък с автори

We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #236.1.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Remove error suppression from trying to write chat available trigger
  • Fix possible undefined index if error called during loop exec
  • Try to attach last error during error reporting too
  • Fix invalid varname when inserting some text into reply area
  • Fix admin management of labels using old regex when labels were not any free input
  • Fix possibly missing flag for default English language
  • Enable the Hungarian language
  • Add missing trigger/macro action to set ticket hold status
  • Fix bug to do with disabling reassign_auto_change_status/resolve_auto_close_tab options once they were enabled
  • The setting to automatically change status to awaiting agent after reassignment is now off by default
  • Add a few chat widget style variables to the widget code snippet
  • Prevent ticket update calls from calling on top of eachother which can potentially lead to lost updates
  • Improve client message callbacks during massactions - Deliver cm's with the actual apply ajax call. Prevents out-of-order list refreshes and also "laggy" refreshes.
  • Helpdesk widget: - Fix chrome infinite-expanding iframe sizing - Remove chat from iframe and put it on outer page instead
  • Better label management from admin interface when many labels are defined
  • Remove perform actions button now that its activated by any check
  • Fix unassignment ticket action
  • Ticket merge dialog allows searching based on ID
  • Better error pages for no permission in billing and reports section
  • Only show Tasks badge if overdue/due today
  • Add original_subject field to aid in subject matching. This is for certain cases where a user might reply to an existing ticket but the originally submitted ticket has a subject that it wouldn't match. For example, UserA sends in "FWD: My subject" and CC's UserB in that email. UserB replies to that and the subject (depending on email clients) will be "RE: FWD: My Subject" or sometimes just "RE: My Subject", but since the original email subject has the "FWD" prefix, it would not normally match on the subject field. The new original_subject field stores the subject with all common prefixes stripped off so this sort of scenario is properly handled. We can just scan the original_subject field to find a match.
  • Add dp:process-email command to arbitrarily process emails from files or re-process email sources
  • In addition to trying to parse out original CC user, also add any others added in the actual forwarded message
  • Prevent further errors when exception happens during custom DbTable usersource
  • Prevent warning with unwritable temp dir - User is warned during install but the system can try to write there before that
  • You should be able to edit filter access form admin interface
  • Add simple licinfo script that reports expiry
  • Make the "HTML" content of a Display field translatable
  • Fix custom object titles reverting to English if English override is set (rather than the actual title set on the object)
  • Put user titles first in department language editor
  • Fix customised phrase view
  • Fix decoding entities prematurely during cutting, whitelist font tags used by some email clients (e.g., gmail).
  • Fix time of day compare logic
  • Fix height on email template subject field
  • Enable cross domain SSO with Magento and improve the usability of the Magento plugin.
  • Use proper directory separators for Windows
  • More permissive set of allowed HTML in emails to preserve various formatting options such as color and size
  • Fix missing org term handling from escalation search criteria
  • dp:agents command can be used to promote users to admin/give billing perm. - Also, billing perm is given to admins
  • Fix 2 bugs: - A situation where SLA warning/fail trigger wouldn't happen if an agent created a ticket - Sending agent emails in a trigger didn't work correctly.
  • Allow access to article/feedback ratings via the API.
  • Full management of article/news/download/feedback comments and comment validation via the API.
  • Support merging people in the API.
  • Expansion of ticket API to cover viewing ticket logs, message details, and splitting tickets.
  • Fix attachments in forwarded messages not being saved on to the ticket object
  • Fix an error when manually re-running an email source
  • Fix new ticket confirmation not sending from web submitted tickets
  • Add php5-akismet to vendors
  • Add a few more display options
  • Fix bad comment validation logic sending notifications
  • [Agent/KB] Move properties box to properties tab, make status a select2, move category to header section and on single line
  • News RSS feeds
  • Fix select2 boxes having HTML entities for titles with special chars in them
  • Cleanup pending articles a bit
  • Fix listing of "new agent reply" template
  • New publish section to view all comments
  • [Agent/KB] Dont show pending sections if they are empty, optimise reloading of KB pane a bit
  • Fix org managers seeing all tickets on their "your tickets" list

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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