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яну 29 2013

DeskPRO Build #223 Released

Списък с автори

We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #223.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Apply overlay about ticket field errors to other ticket properties box as well
  • Link to KB article about setting lang in chat widget code
  • Limit 'keep read' setting to 2500
  • Enable twitter, add beta message
  • Range in agent hours
  • Add widget to embed helpdesk or helpdesk pages
  • Setting to control when task reminders are sent
  • Make sure attachments are forwarded too
  • Add ticket forwarding feature
  • Fix new window targets being filtered out by HTMLPurifier in content
  • Add simple schema tool that runs corrections on a db
  • - Force adding back FK's during import create indexes step. This tries to add the FK normally, and if an error happens it is reported and then the FK is added forcibly (by turning off FK checks) - Fix possible case where the 'restore' code didnt add the proper 'ON DELETE' clauses on some connector tables that dont have concrete entity classes
  • Generate code for add index/fk as part of schema generation
  • During upgrades, always correct FK's - Try to apply them and if they fail, send error and then force them (with checks off so they dont fail)
  • Fix re-creating indexes and FK's on custom_data_ticket
  • Add dev import option to ignore/skip attachments
  • Dont show length options for single-select fields
  • Automatically send agent refresh signal when changing options in admin
  • Correct setting custom fields in newticket on validator
  • Fix default input value of 'min agent selections' not being preserved after save
  • Allow setting of language from any URL, add chat widget param to set language
  • More specific with why fwd email was declined
  • Add filter nav to ticket logs tab
  • Add new person merge permission
  • Any action on a ticket dismisses any notification about that ticket
  • Automatically switch status option to Awaiting Agent when switching assignment option in replybox and admin option to disable this
  • Add notif option to send @mentions by email all the time, @mention emails use standard ticket templates with full info
  • Fix JS error when agent not allowed to change their profile pic
  • Add new notification type for agent notes
  • Mark invalid trigger terms and actions (e.g., of objects that have been deleted)
  • Fix Japanese lang title
  • Send email on cron timeout error, and errors logged to filesystem also log URL/useragent
  • Automatically mark fatal-error'd email processing as 'error' so they appear in admin interface
  • Organise a bunch of cleanup tasks
  • Big cleanup of old trends files and db data
  • Send welcome email after register when validation is disabled
  • Fix nav selected class being lost sometimes
  • Admin controls to set agent timezone, picture and signature. Perm to not allow agents to set picture and sig
  • Show online agents in staff list'
  • Set height on lang choose row to prevent slight jumpy page when css select renders post-load
  • Make sure to remove draft when adding message
  • Fix missing feedback usercats from widget, fix bad overlay in error messages
  • Handle loading chat widget sources when starting chat from widget but chat not added to current page
  • Fix chat tab showing up when it shouldnt
  • Fix scroll issue on massactions popup after its been re-created
  • Make sure attach type limit options are set properly
  • Show link to search in listing when more than 20 results in omni
  • Add option for custom wordlist file to data loader
  • Fix disappearing underline after ticket updated from change in tab
  • Fix weirdness with borders and displaying of fields tab when showing/hiding fields
  • Bit more responsive qtips
  • Bit of an optimisation to layer events/setup
  • Fix bad null default on disable_picture field
  • If grouping a report builder query only by ticket department, automatically stack graph values by the parent department if there is one.
  • Make report builder pie charts consistent with bar and line charts when it comes to grouping. Support showing an overall pie chart as well as a chart for each sub-grouping.
  • Ensure correct sorting in the report builder when getting a matrix table.
  • Allow access to article, download, feedback, and news page views and ratings via the report builder and add some new reports to access them.
  • Support stacked line (area) charts and grouped line charts in the rebuild builder.
  • Fix SLA complete actions not applying to multiple SLAs correctly.
  • Fix inline reply detector false positive when embedded attach image is in a reply
  • Standalone check-req command should attempt to set mem limit or it may falsely report error
  • Another old libxml fix for use when using the emogrifier
  • Add protection against using |first or |last filters with non-arrays
  • Improve Mailer phpdoc a bit, give queued messages id's to allow a bit easier debugging
  • Fix SendmailQueue job not marking a message as success after send retry
  • Sync 'full access' and 'assignment' checks for dep perms
  • Add option to not use any picture, clarify setting pic options
  • Handle case where data/ dir doesnt exist and serving css from fss
  • Show banned emails on profile and click to unban
  • Fix fieldname for vB id field, must be 'userid'
  • Try more than 10 when trying to match OOO replies to subject match
  • Add link to cloud signup on preboot errors'
  • Fix turning off feedback not hiding links
  • Fix case in filename
  • Prevent trying to cast array to string in certain set field searches
  • Link to agent notify options in triggers
  • A bit of cleanup to alignment in trigger list
  • Sending notif about new tickets is enabled through a trigger
  • Close kb shortcuts box when clicking outside
  • Add 'effect' option to SimpleTabs
  • Fix new install not enabling alert_created
  • Fix default product/workflow not being set from gateway
  • Add default product setting
  • Allow blank selection for default department, agent newticket form uses default department for default selection
  • Add a missing auto marker
  • Fix grouping timezone in 'tickets created today'
  • Fix 'is agent reply' and 'is user reply' terms in ticket updated triggers, add terms for current time/day to ticket updated triggers
  • make more clear the URL to deskpro in install docs
  • add link to url-rewrite in install docs for IIS
  • Fix labels term not matching in PHP-matching routines. Fixes lists not updating in real-time, subscriptions based on filters with labels
  • Fix 'disable notifications' option not applying to new agents, not hiding notification options from agent interface
  • Fix for charset issues in linkifyHtml when using older version of libxml
  • Correct bad custom fields, attempt to correct bad schema after each upgrade
  • Hard-code fix for a mis-placed schema diff
  • Strip off BOM when making checksums
  • Fix triggers not applying to the reply of an agent-forwarded ticket
  • Dont attempt lang detection on very short messages, run the detection with html stripped
  • Fix refs to reader var
  • Tweak thunderbird pattern that didnt catch when name had newline in it
  • Missing bottom mark that catches replies added to bottom of email
  • Add some protection against invalid regex pattern in validation

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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