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ное 15 2018

Deskpro 2018.3.3 Release

Списък с автори

We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 2018.3.3


  • DP-1429 — Save log of email protocol on incoming email logs
  • DP-1741 — new_cc_emails variable now available in add reply / note.
  • DP-2692 — Feature improvement to set "publish_date" of a news post in the past
  • DP-2733 — Add a return parameter to portal login when using a token (tok)
  • DP-2756 — V2 API: Defining brands when posting to /ticket_forms


  • DP-1848 — Search shows chats that I don't have permission to view
  • DP-2037 — QR code missing in IE 11
  • DP-2289 — Scheduled reports should include the table headings
  • DP-2554 — Error: Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated
  • DP-2586 — Notice on incoming email processing
  • DP-2619 — Submitting new tickets through the iOS app is recorded incorrectly and disrupts triggers/ticket flow
  • DP-2629 — Unable to render theme content (status 500) - hanging page when accessing portal editor
  • DP-2631 — Blank ticket created from emails
  • DP-2641 — Having two triggers remove and add the same label at the same time causes a server error
  • DP-2672 — JWT (and probably others) "test" don't work if disabled
  • DP-2678 — Tickets CSV export: Person email addresses not included, "person_email_id" field incorrect
  • DP-2704 — Images are disappearing from snippets
  • DP-2713 — Jira webhooks don't work if portal is disabled
  • DP-2714 — Jira webhooks work just for admin
  • DP-2715 — Primary team assignment in Admin area and Agent preferences are not synced
  • DP-2718 — Zapier error
  • DP-2731 — New Report Building removes label when editing
  • DP-2737 — Guides not working
  • DP-2740 — Don't use colon in importer log filenames
  • DP-2741 — "Occured" typo
  • DP-2742 — Don't display guides button if there is no topics
  • DP-2743 — MetadataCache error on prem install on windows
  • DP-2745 — V2 API : Accept department prop if just one value is available
  • DP-2752 — Incoming email inline images bugs
  • DP-2753 — Unable to load added image through snippet in ticket
  • DP-2755 — Server Report File fixes
  • DP-2758 — Fix warning in Zapier webhook
  • DP-2687 — V2 API : Allow users to access custom field "File" blob ID's
  • DP-2702 — Google usersource causes 500 error when enabled
  • DP-2734 — Search person for new ticket is failing

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