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What's the difference between Deskpro Cloud and Deskpro On-Premise?

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You can find out the difference between Deskpro Cloud and On-Premise on our website, but you can also check out this quick summary below.

Deskpro Cloud:

  • Our software-as-a-service product is hosted on our servers.

  • Quick to set up.

  • We handle all the technical details like updates, backup, and bandwidth.

  • Simple, monthly, per-agent pricing.

  • We use bank-level security practices to keep your data safe.

  • Deskpro Cloud is recommended for most of our customers.

Deskpro On-Premise:

  • You install and run Deskpro on your own PHP server infrastructure: Linux/Windows/Mac OS X, Apache/nginx/IIS

  • Full control over your data

  • Full PHP source code provided for customization.

  • Requires server administration skills to set up and maintain.

  • You are responsible for arranging backup and bandwidth.

  • Annual per-agent pricing.

  • One-click software updates are included in the license price.

  • Can configure your helpdesk to be accessible only within your organization's intranet.

  • Easy to run a separate test installation.

You can move your helpdesk between Cloud and On-Premise at any time, simply contact us at support@deskpro.com.

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