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What are some Deskpro productivity tips for agents?

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Deskpro has lots of features designed to help you work efficiently in the agent interface.

Once you've got used to the basics of the agent interface, here are some ways to save time and effort so you can help your users faster:

1. Use snippets to automatically enter text that you use repeatedly. For example, if you often have to remind users of a certain policy, save it as a snippet. You can define a shortcut so that instead of selecting the snippet, you just type %policy% and have it replaced by the relevant snippet. You can use variables to automatically fill in details about the user or ticket - for example, addressing the customer by name.


2. Does your workflow involve taking the same steps over and over? Automate them with a macro.


3. If you keep seeing a recurring issue come up, instead of explaining the fix repeatedly, write it up in a Knowledgebase article and send the user the link. If you find yourself going through the same series of questions over and over again, write up a troubleshooting guide and link the user to that.



4. Did you know that you can paste images into ticket replies, or add attachments with drag and drop?

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