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Upgrading to Horizon On-Premise: A Guide for Admins - База знание / Horizon Migration - Deskpro Support

Upgrading to Horizon On-Premise: A Guide for Admins

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What is Deskpro Horizon?

Deskpro Horizon is the name of the latest version of Deskpro. It’s a re-imagined platform that provides an upgraded experience for Agents and Admins along with a new method to manage your Deskpro On-Premise instance with our new On-Premise Controller.

This latest version of our product provides a visually upgraded experience while still maintaining the same level of power and functionality as before along with some new exciting features!

We have included some demo videos below that will help you get a feel for the latest version, a full tour of Deskpro Horizon, and a video highlighting the key changes between this new version and our legacy product. Over time we will drop the Horizon name and refer to the product as just Deskpro once again.


Why should you upgrade?

There are three main reasons that you should upgrade to Deskpro Horizon.

1. The On-Premise Controller

The On-Premise Controller (or OPC) is a revolutionary platform our team has created that transforms On-Premise management. Our On-Premise development team has invested thousands of hours into creating this tool in an effort to further our On-Premise solution and continuously improve our product for you.

2. Get access to all of Horizon’s new features

We’ve been creating new features and functionality for the Horizon platform that include Kanban view, Shifts, Workspaces, Voice, Social, and Review channels. We also constantly create features for the helpdesk and release updates to the OPC every week.

3. Deskpro Legacy is no longer under active development

Our Legacy product will only receive essential security patches, to operate the best and most secure solution we would advise you to move to our newest On-Premise solution, Horizon. Upgrading to Horizon will also let you access the newest features which aren’t available on the Deskpro Legacy product.

What do I need to be aware of?

Here’s a quick outline of the main differences between Deskpro Horizon and our Legacy product.

We have created the On-Premise Controller.

  • The OPC makes server administration easier for your Sysadmins and provides a user-friendly web GUI alternative to editing the command line for changes to your instance.

Filters have become Queues.

  • One significant change in Horizon is the expansion of how you access Tickets. We no longer use the term Filters to refer to the organization of Tickets and instead have three new terms - Queues, Lists, and Ticket Search. Put simply:

  • Queues are sets of tickets defined by Admins that agents need to work on. They are typically all in the status of Awaiting Agent, can be subscribed to, show counts, and are updated in real-time. They are much more flexible than Filters, and Admins have complete control over the Queues an Agent sees.

  • Lists are sets of Tickets that match custom criteria. Agents or Admins can create Lists. They differ from Queues because they can include Tickets in a non-active status (e.g. Resolved), they can’t be subscribed to, require a manual refresh, and do not show counts.

  • Ticket Search is a way of finding, typically, a specific ticket through a combination of keyword matching and refining criteria.

When you upgrade, in most cases, your custom filters will become Queues. If the custom filter had tickets in the resolved status, these filters would become lists in Horizon. The default set of Queues has also been updated. We would encourage you to review the Queues once you have upgraded.

The Admin interface has a new design.

  • The Admin interface has been redesigned to make menus more consistent and faster, making the helpdesk easier to configure. As well as expose a range of new features. The new Guide for the updated Admin Interface can be found here.


Migration to Horizon

If you’re viewing this page, you have likely been notified that you can now begin the upgrade to Horizon. The following information is what you need to know:

How do I upgrade?


We’ve made the process to upgrade your account as easy as possible so we also built an importer tool to make upgrading to Horizon simple. You can use the importer to move your instance across to the On-Premise Controller and get your Deskpro Horizon helpdesk deployed in minutes, to upgrade your account you will want to follow our Horizon Upgrade Guide.

Alternatively, we offer Assisted Upgrade where our Tech Support Team will handle the upgrade for you, you can book a managed upgrade here. Or if you would rather move to the Cloud, you can get in contact with our team who will arrange a Cloud migration and then upgrade your account to Horizon, get in touch.

Webinars, Videos & Resources

Below are some videos and resources that will show you the new interface, introduce you to the On-Premise Controller, and outline the migration process.

Alongside these videos, we are also running Webinars that you are welcome to join in order to see more of Deskpro Horizon and ask any questions you may have about the new platform. Follow the links below to book a Webinar, we look forward to seeing you in a session soon:

Horizon Webinar - An overview of the changes between Legacy and Horizon aimed at helpdesk Agents.

On-Premise Upgrade Webinar - A webinar to explain further the different options to upgrade to Deskpro Horizon and a walkthrough of the new interface and the OPC, plus an opportunity for Q&A regarding Horizon and the OPC.


We also have articles that cover the changes and updates your different team members should be aware of:

Introduction to the On-Premise Controller for Sysadmins

Introduction to Deskpro Horizon for Agents


Deskpro Horizon Demo

This video gives you a complete tour of Deskpro Horizon and the new interface for you to get an understanding of the upgraded platform.


Tour of the Agent Interface

This video outlines the key differences between our legacy product and Deskpro Horizon primarily focusing on the Agent Interface. This video would be helpful for your Agents to see to make them aware of the changes between their current workspace and their new helpdesk. We have other resources available to help prepare your Agents for the transition to Horizon on our Help Center.


If you have any queries you can consult our FAQs here, and if you still have questions please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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