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php.ini changes aren't working

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During the installation process, I'm trying to change values in php.ini and they don’t seem to be updating, even after I restart the webserver.



First, confirm what value is actually being used.

While you are logged in as an admin, go to yourhelpdesk/index.php?_sys=phpinfo

If that doesn’t work, create a text file containing:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and save it as info.php in the Deskpro install directory, then browse to yourhelpdesk/info.php

These methods will show you what values of PHP variables are actually being used.

If your changes to php.ini are not having any effect, there are two possible causes.


Multiple PHP versions

On systems where multiple versions of PHP are installed, you should make sure you are editing the php.ini for the version that is running Deskpro.

On Linux, you can check which binary is being used by default by running:

which php



Multiple directives in one file

In some configurations, the directive to set a variable may appear multiple times in one file (usually with the first one commented out). We have run into this issue with the upload_tmp_dir directive.

If the same directive appears multiple times, PHP follows the last one in the file. So if you're editing an earlier version, your changes won't be applied. You should edit the final appearance of the directive.

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