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Installing Elasticsearch

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If you are using Deskpro Download, you should set up the Elasticsearch search technology to greatly improve the search features of your helpdesk.

NOTE: Cloud helpdesks have already been upgraded with this improved search technology

The improvements from installing Elasticsearch include:

  • Greatly increased search scope for agents, including the full text of ticket messages, agent notes, and chat logs.
  • Agents can choose to rank results by Best Match, Last Activity or Date Created.
  • Improved user portal search scope.
  • Phrase search - search terms in quotation marks e.g. "audio feedback" will only match the full phrase.
  • Search is faster and results ranking is more accurate.

You can run Elasticsearch on the same server as Deskpro, or a different server, or use a hosted Elasticsearch service from a third-party provider.

We recommend running Elasticsearch on the same server or a server on the same network.

If your helpdesk supports Elasticsearch you will see an Elasticsearch section in Admin > Server. If you are on a build older than #361, you will need to update your helpdesk to the latest version to be able to use Elasticsearch. 

IMPORTANT: Elasticsearch 2.0 is now required.

See the installation instructions for your platform in the Sysadmin Guide for Elasticsearch set up instructions:

Install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu

Install Elasticsearch on CentOS/Red Hat

Install Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2008

Install Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2012


Set up hosted Elasticsearch

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Коментари (3)

John Blackwood
Elastic search should really be installed using the deb package on Ubuntu. Download and install using dpkg -i <package file>
Christian Mattart
This page is not up to date anymore. DeskPro should now be compatible with ElasticSearch 2.x: https://manuals.deskpro.com/html/sysadmin/install-ubuntu/install-ubuntu.html#install-elasticsearch
Lauren Cumming
Christian- thanks for spotting :) Updated now!

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