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I get "File not found" errors when trying to download attachments - База знание / Managing Deskpro On-Premise / Troubleshooting - Deskpro Support

I get "File not found" errors when trying to download attachments

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In some situations, you may see an error like this:


        File not found. (1)


The code between the parenthesis changes depending on the problem encountered:

Code Meaning



The URL is in an invalid format. This should never happen with URLs generated by Deskpro. If you have copied/pasted a URL or manually typed in the URL, check that there is not a typo and that you have the whole URL.
2 This means the authcode in the URL is invalid or the file does not exist in the filesystem. If you have moved the data directory, check to make sure the web server has read access.
2.1 This means the filename in the URL is invalid. Deskpro requires the filename to be accurate as a security precaution.
3 This means the blob does not exist in the database. It may have been deleted.
4 This means the path for the file does not exist in the filesystem.


These errors generally only happen if you are using Deskpro On-Premise and using the filesystem storage mechanism. Things to check:

  1. The path to data/ directory is readable and writable by both the web server and the user executing scheduled tasks.
  2. That the path to the data/ directory is set properly in config.php. By default the data/ directory is within the main Deskpro directory that you downloaded from the distribution. But you can override this default by changing the path in config.php.


Enable attachment debugging

Append "?debug" to the attachment URL to enable error logging. For example,


This will log a bit more detailed information to data/logs/error.log that you can submit to support@deskpro.com for further assistance.

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