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config.php problems

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There must be a valid config.php file in the root Deskpro directory for your helpdesk to install properly. There are a number of warnings the installation wizard might alert you to:



/config.php is missing

This error means the config.php file does not exist. You should copy the default config.new.php file to config.php and edit it in a text editor to include your database connection details.


/config.php exists but it does not contain the required settings

This error means Deskpro found a file named config.php in the correct location, but it was not a valid configuration file. You may not have filled in your database details yet, or it could be that you have accidently introduced a syntax error.

You should re-copy the default config.new.php file and edit it in a text editor, making sure to fill in all of the required database details.


/config.php exists but it appears to contain values from an old Deskpro v3 installation

This error means you have copied your config.php file from an old Deskpro v3 installation. Deskpro v4 is a new product and the format of the config.php files has changed.

You should copy the default config.new.php file and insert NEW database details. Refer to our upgrade guide for information on upgrading a v3 database.


config.php exists but you have not entered an email address for the DP_TECHNICAL_EMAIL setting

You should edit config.php and enter a valid email address for the DP_TECHNICAL_EMAIL. This email address is used to alert you of critical problems on the helpdesk.

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