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Can't change invalid upload_tmp_dir value

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I'm installing Deskpro On-Premise and I'm getting an error like this:

We have detected the upload_tmp_dir directive in your php.ini file (C:\Program Files\PHP\php.ini) contains an invalid value. The temporary upload directory must be writable by the web server for uploads to be accepted. If you do not fix this problem, you will not be able to add attachments to tickets or articles or upload any other kind of file. 


The upload_tmp_dir directive in my php.ini file was commented out - I edited it to specify a temporary upload folder which is definitely writeable by the user account running IIS; however, the error won't go away.


This can happen because the upload_tmp_dir directive appears twice in the php.ini file and PHP follows the last directive in the file. 

On some systems, an example upload_tmp_dir that is commented out appears at the top of the file, and there is another one lower down that points to a default temp folder for the operating system. You may have enabled the first directive without noticing the second.

Search php.ini to check for other mentions of upload_tmp_dir, and delete them or comment them out.

PHP should then use the folder you specified.

You can go to yourhelpdeskURL/index.php?_sys=phpinfo to check the value of upload_tmp_dir that you are using.

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